Hawaii Five-0 Season 10 Episode 2 Here’s everything to know what will happened next

HAWAII FIVE0 Season 10 Episode 2

CBS’s crime series Hawaii Five-0 tenth season premiered on September 27, 2019. Here’s we have everything to know about Hawaii Five-0’s next episodes including Promo Release date , official synopsis and Photos .

“Kuipeia e ka makani apaa” is the title of Episode 2 which is directed by Karen Gaviola and written by Talia Gonzalez & Bisanne Masoud .

On Friday, October 4th at 8:00 pm on CBS, Hawaii Five-0 Episode 1002 will aired.

First Reads out Hawaii Five-0 S010E02 Official Synopsis

Tani and Junior must plot an escape for themselves and several civilians after they become trapped inside a deadly tunnel collapse, while Five-0 investigates the cause and culprits of the cave-in. Also, Eddie the dog uses his field experience and sniffs out a bomb that has been planted in McGarrett’s home.

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