Hairstylist Kim Ferry Shares Moments of the Series The Office’s

Kim Ferry is one of the incredible hairstylists in the media. she worked as a member of The Office’s hair and makeup crew for eight seasons.

Mashable talked with Ferry about her time on The Office, alongside probably the most vital hair moments from the series.

While John Krasinski‘s wig may have been Ferry’s most distressing hair second from the show the workplace, her preferred haircut and the one that necessary the most arranging was when Meredith Palmer shaved her head in “Lice,” the tenth episode of Season 9.

“That was three weeks of prep for me, and I had to be able to figure everything out because Greg Daniels wanted [Kate Flannery] to shave her head. He really did. And I just couldn’t allow it,” Ferry explained. “[Flannery] was like, ‘I don’t want to shave my head!’ and I was like, ‘I’m not gonna let that happen.'” So Ferry called in a major reinforcement: Ed French, a makeup artist known as “The Godfather of Bald Caps.

The show’s hairstylist, Kim Ferry, recently revealed to Mashable: While filming Season 3 of “The Office,” the actor, 40, outwitted his showrunners into letting him wear a wig for the last six episodes so he could cut his hair for the 2008 film “Leatherheads.

The Leatherheads job required Krasinski to trim his hair, which Office showrunner Greg Daniels wasn’t ready for, so he shut down Krasinski’s solicitation. As opposed to turning down the job, Krasinski went to Ferry for help, and the two collaborated for a highly confidential wig activity.

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The Office. I really like this picture. I remember asking John to take a photo with me so I thought it was in season 2 but I’m not sure so maybe 3? The awesome Office Fans will know! Help me figure out what episode this was because honestly I just can’t remember! @johnkrasinski you look so young! He was always so sweet and nice to me and to my hair team. Truly..a gem to work with. At the end of the 9 years, John gave me a “Wrap gift” that I still wear & love to this day. It was a dog-tag necklace that had my two sons names engraved on it. I cherish this special gift and wear it often. It really meant a lot to me…it was so thoughtful. John is such a talented actor, director and producer. He can do it all. Now, as a Dad-I love seeing him do SGN (some good news) it’s just who he is and he’s a great guy. FYI …Big Thanks to B. J. Novak —as he was the one who wanted to cast John, and encouraged him to join the senior play in Newtown, Massachusetts. Thank goodness that all worked out and John got the part and the acting bug! Years later-I can’t imagine anyone else playing “Jim Halpert”. #jimhalpert #bjnovakrules #onset #dundermifflinscranton #dundermifflinpapercompany #behindthescenes #lovethisguy #theatrelife #greatguy #sgn #lovedmyjob #onsethairstylist #grateful #goodmemories

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she said yes. “He paid for the wig — a human hair wig made by a friend of mine, Natascha Ladek, who’s the best wig maker in town,” Ferry said. “She came in to do a secret little fitting for him, she made the wig, we got it, and it looked amazing. [Krasinski] came in a little later that day, and I had the wig hidden in a little secret spot ready for him. When it was just him and I, I put it on him, and then he went out and filmed.”

Ferry also added “I’m grateful for the entire experience,” Ferry said. “There are many jobs, there are many people, but there’s nothing like The Office. That’s literally my one in a million. It’s the best job I’ve ever had.”

Since the creation of The Office ran over half a month and Ferry had a commitment to begin her next activity on Pretty Little Liars, she, shockingly, needed to miss the last long periods of shooting.

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