Grudge Match Episodes Sneak Peek

ink master grudge match 2019

Grudge Match Sneak Peek: Battle of the Backwards Thumbs

It’s the accused versus the Artists who called them out when Aaron Is points the finger at fellow season eight Competitor Katie McGowan. Season two’s Mark Matthews & Sebastian Murphy finally get their chance to brawl.

Tiger Head Tattoo Showdown

When Mike McAskill competed the first time he didn’t get to show off what he can do. Now he’s got his shot, but he has to make it past Sketchy Lawyer and all of his tricks.

Grudge Match Episode 7 – Tattoo Yourself

Grudge Match Episode 6 – Boats & Box Tattoos

It’s a battle of fashionistas gone too soon (Oba Jackson and Tiara Gordon) plus a dropout versus a traitor Sketchy Lawyer and Mike McAskill .

Grudge Match updates : Ice Cream & American Traditional Tattoos 🍦

Jime & Craig compete in the ultimate New School showdown while Sirvone wants to one-up Tuff Tito by doing two American Traditional tattoos. Who are you rooting for?

Grudge Match Episode 5 – Best of Jime Litwalk

Grudge Match Episode 5 Airs Oct 29 –  Best of Craig Foster

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