[Fall Finale Recap] Legacies Season 2 Episode 8 – “This Christmas Was Surprisingly Violent”

The middle of the season finale of Legacies brought a little alternate route into ludicrousness by bringing both a Krampus and the genuine Santa Claus to town, and the confrontation between the two “beasts” was, similar to the scene title admonished, shockingly fierce.

Other than a Christmas-themed standoff, the scene likewise carried some conclusion to the affection triangle between Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), Landon (Aria Shahghasemi), and Josie (Kaylee Bryant). In the wake of coming back to class, Landon at long last settled on his choice between the two young ladies who are somewhat ideal for him, and whether you love or abhor his decision, you need to appreciate the epically sentimental talks he provided for the two young ladies. At last, Landon picked Hope, as we as a whole sort of realized he would. It’s difficult to deny your first love, all things considered.

The individual stuffed in Krampus’ sack ended up being none other than Santa Claus, and he was tingling for a battle after his protracted capture. Trees fell, adornments broke and lights detonated as Krampus and St. Scratch combat until the very end, with the last eventually tearing out the previous’ minor heart with his uncovered hands. It was, in a word, flawlessness.

At that point came the best piece of Christmas presents! Josie got Alaric another dean sign to invite him class kickoff, and Santa astounded Kaleb with the vehicle he had always wanted. In any case, it was Hope who got the best endowment of every one of them: a passionate gathering with Landon, who conceded that it was a mix-up to leave in any case.

The Christmas cheer didn’t keep going long, however, since the middle of the season finale likewise uncovered exactly who has been under that red hood all season, and truly, we’re embarrassed we didn’t see this coming.

The episode finished with Landon coming back to Mystic Falls and however, he discloses to Josie that he couldn’t locate “a superior accomplice, a superior inner voice” than her, Josie comprehends that Hope is the one he adores as he parts ways with her. State what you will about Jandon, yet this scene between the two characters was maybe truly outstanding on the show.

Obviously, something different happened which fans would have been wanting – Alaric has been restored as the Headmaster of the Salvatore School – the ideal present Josie needed to give her dad this Christmas. Our hearts hurt for Josie and we trust she will have more joyful stories in Season 2.

‘Legacies’ will come back with new episodes of Season 2 on January sixteenth, 2020.

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