Greys Anatomy Season 20 Episode 9 Recap: Maggie Winston Breaks Up & Catherine Fires Teddy

In the most recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy, things got very tense as secrets were revealed and relationships were put to the test. Catherine was watching Meredith, Amelia, and Teddy closely, and they worked hard to hide how they spent Grey Sloan’s extra money. At the same time, Maggie’s return caused some unexpected problems and some touching times with Winston. As the show went on, Lucas had to deal with the results of what he had done, which set off a chain of events that made the doctors at Grey Sloan’s futures uncertain.

Greys Anatomy Season 20 Episode 9 Recap: I Carry Your Heart

Greys Anatomy Season 20 Episode 9 -Recap-

At the start of the show, Link was making a meal for Jo to celebrate her last day as a general surgeon. At the same time, Owen was eager for Teddy to look over the budget for his planned teaching program, but Teddy found romantic ways to keep Owen’s attention off of him.

When Amelia found Catherine in her office, her day took a sudden turn for the worse, which made her call Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) for help. The two sisters-in-law quickly realized how bad things were and chose to hide their research on hard drives because they were afraid Catherine would find out how Grey Sloan’s extra money had been spent.

To buy time, Teddy asked Blue and Jules to help him enter Alzheimer’s data into a computer program. At the same time, Meredith thought about sharing her results instead of showing them to Catherine, which Amelia at first didn’t agree with.

Owen told Catherine that he had misused the fund, but he didn’t know what Teddy was doing. He thought it was better to be honest than to be caught. At the same time, Meredith told Nick that she was worried about being found out and having to leave town. Nick didn’t like this because he wanted to settle down with her.

Greys Anatomy Season 20 Episode 9 Recap-

Maggie’s return to Grey Sloan caused problems in her relationships, especially with Winston. When she told a patient named Brady that he needed a heart transplant, his situation quickly got worse. Brady, a patient who needs a heart transplant, and Mason, a young patient who needs a heart-lung transplant, are the main medical cases of the show. Both cases are difficult, and the medical team needs to be able to think quickly and come up with creative solutions.

Brady’s health is getting worse quickly, and it doesn’t look like he will get a heart transplant in time. However, Winston and Monica decide to use Mason’s heart for Brady, even though they aren’t sure if it will work at first. Brady gets a new heart after the surgery goes well, showing that the team can deal with tough medical problems.

As part of a different plot, Teddy told Lucas (Niko Terho) and Bailey (Chandra Wilson) that Sam’s family had settled their case, but Lucas would have to repeat his internship year of surgical training because he had trouble with his judgment. Lucas was sad about this choice, even though Simone tried to cheer him up.

Greys Anatomy Season- 20 -Episode 9 -Recap-

Other things that happened were Richard telling Bailey about Dorian’s growth, Link and Jo arguing over a case, Blue and Jules meeting up for a drink, and Winston and Maggie (Kelly McCreary) ending their relationship. At the end of the show, Teddy told Catherine about how she misused funds and Link and Jo made up after a fight. Additionally, Winston bonded with Monica over their shared experiences of divorce, leading to a surprising intimate moment between them. Meredith’s proposal to Nick was cut short when Teddy told her she was fired by Catherine.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 9 Recap

Greys Anatomy Season 20 -Episode 9 -Recap-

Teddy is fired by Catherine after she learns that she used Grey Sloan’s money for a teaching program in the Grey’s Anatomy Season 20 Episode 9.

Teddy had been using the hospital’s extra money for Owen’s planned training program without getting permission to do so. Catherine was upset when she found out about this, which was only natural. Owen told Teddy to tell the truth, but Teddy chose to keep Catherine from finding out by using code to enter Alzheimer’s data.

Teddy’s plan didn’t work out though because Amelia and Meredith chose to publish their study instead of showing it to Catherine. The hospital would have lost Derek’s study if this choice had been made, and Amelia did not want to do that.

When Teddy finally told Catherine that he had stolen money, Catherine was angry and felt cheated. In the end, she fired Teddy because she thought it was better to deal with the problem directly than to try to hide it. The firing of Teddy adds a new level of excitement to the show and will probably have effects on the characters.

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