[Finale] Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 20 Recap

In the highly anticipated two-hour finale of the 19th season, viewers will be thrilled to see Ellen Pompeo reprise her role as the iconic Meredith Grey, the namesake of the series Grey’s Anatomy. But she hasn’t returned to Boston yet. In Boston, the attendings join Meredith as she confronts the repercussions of ghosting her latest love interest, Nick (played by Scott Speedman). In other developments Simone’s (Alexis Floyd) big day is about to get worse as her feelings for Lucas (Niko Terho) resurface. Meanwhile, Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Link (Chris Carmack) are at a crossroads in their friendship. Will they take the next step or remain just friends? Continue reading at tvacute.com for an in-depth analysis of everything that took place in Grey’s Anatomy season 19 finale, to get all the information you need.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 20 Recap

The big day had finally arrived. Because they were so overjoyed to be with each other, Simone and Trey disregarded a major guideline. Before the big day, they had a chance to catch up.  It was a huge bad omen. They took the chance nevertheless because neither of them could stand waiting for the ceremony to begin a few hours later. They made eye contact. They shared a passionate kiss. They were overjoyed at the prospect of getting married, but suddenly Simone ended up in the hospital. She didn’t require any sort of medical attention. She came in on her day off to urge Lucas to come in and support her patient.

Tobey Barrett, a breast cancer patient of Simone’s, was scheduled to arrive for treatment. When the date of the wedding and Tobey’s scheduled visit both fell on the same day, Simone broke her pledge to stand by her side through it all. Simone was the only one who didn’t inform Tobey; he was too nervous. At first, she refused to accept the reality that she had cancer. She was a young professional woman. Simone was the one who had helped her relax. The one who finally got her to admit she had a serious illness. To avoid having Tobey try to reschedule their appointment, Simone kept the wedding a secret from her.

It was urgent that Tobey get medical attention. Simone didn’t need a reason to try to rearrange her patient’s appointment, so she had Lucas stand in for him. What she was asking of him was a lot, she realized. Lucas told her he loved her openly. He begged her not to wed Trey, and she dumped him with the least amount of difficulty possible. She understands his hesitation to attend the ceremony. She anticipated that he would be working. She requested him to take care of her patient while she was away, and he accepted because, hey, he still loves her.

Later, when Tobey started asking questions, Lucas had to defend himself. Before she was silenced, she was told that Lucas would be Simone’s Man of Honor. She found it odd that after all that, he would skip the wedding. He has affection for Simone, as Tobey accurately surmised. When she probed more, he admitted his guilt. He’s really struggling right now. He wanted to move on from his emotions because it would benefit no one for him to continue pursuing a woman who was engaged to be married to someone else. However, she was apparently engaged to another man. The jinx worked, and everything that could have gone wrong did.

Several mishaps occurred on Simone’s wedding day. It turned out she had scheduled her florists for an incorrect day. Trey botched taking care of the flowers. The florists, he told them, could come a month after the wedding. He had gone to Mika for cover since he didn’t feel comfortable telling Simone. Thankfully, Mika is skilled at making arrangements for flowers. During college, she worked various jobs, including this one. She managed to get her hands on some roses from Simone’s mother’s yard. It was wonderful that they had the run of the place. Simone intended for it to be a tribute to her parents.

Simone’s mom’s favorite flower was a tulip, so that’s what she chose for her wedding. She had her heart set on getting married in the same location as her parents. She had her heart set on donning her mom’s wedding gown. As she was zipping up the dress, it began to unravel. Her grandma mistook the mention of her mother’s wedding as if it were her own daughter’s wedding day. Unfortunately, she suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. She addressed Simone as though she were her own daughter. As far as she was concerned, her daughter might marry whoever she loves. Simone was completely unaware of her mother’s secret plans to wed. Her mother broke up with the other man in favor of her father.

 Grey’s Anatomy Season 19 Episode 20: Ending!

Simone took the advice of her mother, even though it was her mother who was trying to forewarn her. Hummingbirds reminded her of her mum. That bird just smashed through the glass. Simone witnessed its death. Her mom made sure there wouldn’t be any tulips at the ceremony. Two times she attempted to destroy the bridal dress. To begin with, there was the zipper. The following time, one of her fingers got injured on the thorns of her improvised wedding bouquet. And she spilled blood all over her white dress. This was clearly a disastrous plan, as evidenced by the abundance of warning flags. Simone probed her dad for details on her mom’s rumored engagement. As they walked down the aisle, she posed the question to him. He informed her that they had first met two months before her arranged marriage. She eventually dumped him for Simone’s dad since her feelings for him were so intense. Simone’s mom was giving her all to dissuade her daughter from pursuing a relationship with Trey. The decision of whether or not Simone would pay attention to the message ultimately rested on her shoulders.

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