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With a tonne of perplexing new cases for DI George “Geordie” Keating (Robson Green) and Reverend Will Davenport (Tom Brittney) to work with on, Grantchester season 7 debuts on PBS Masterpiece in the US. The events of Season 7 take place in the summer of 1959, right before the Swinging Sixties begin. Geordie and Will have to deal with some difficulty in both of their personal lives in addition to the deaths and mayhem they are investigating. Be ready for the season’s startling finale, which will be a turning point for Brittney. Check out this guide below to find out where and when you can watch Grantchester Season 7. here’s ( everything you need to know.

Grantchester Season 7 Episode 6 [Season Finale] – Vicar’s life at risk.

Grantchester Season 7 Release Date on PBS

The six-part Grantchester season 7 premiere will air on PBS on July 10, 2022, at 9 p.m. Weekly new episodes start airing in August. The episodes of this season, which started airing in the UK earlier in 2022, are now accessible on the ITV Hub.

Grantchester Season 7 Episode Guide

The show’s star, Tom Brittney, also makes his Grantchester directing debut this season when he takes the helm of episode three.  Wedding season is in full swing in the Cambridgeshire village as Grantchester season 7 opens in the long, humid summer of 1959. Detective Inspector Geordie Keating is as busy as ever looking into a number of local murder investigations as the Reverend Will Davenport marries happy couples in holy matrimony. While attempting to reconcile with his estranged wife Cathy, police inspector Geordie Keating lives with his crime-fighting best buddy Will Davenport. Green claims that he believes she will return. Reverend Will’s romantic life becomes difficult and hot in-between cases. Maya, who he meets at a jazz club, captures his attention, but Cathy’s feisty niece Bonnie, a young widow with a cute son, is also a candidate. Leonard Finch is still present. He establishes a poets’ café. He also offers Mrs. Chapman, the pious vicarage housekeeper, encouragement when she begins to doubt God.

Grantchester Season 7 Episode 1

Synopsis: The summer of 1959 finds the wedding season in full swing in the Cambridgeshire village of Grantchester. Among the Reverend Will Davenport’s many brides-to-be is Adele Fitzgerald, who lives on the once-splendid, but now declining Fitzgerald Estate with her green-fingered spinster sister Maude. The body of a dead man is found in the grounds and is quickly identified as the sisters’ errant brother Lord Edmund Fitzgerald, who has been living an itinerant life traveling the world since the war. Will and DI Geordie Keating find themselves at odds with Geordie’s new boss DCI Elliot Wallace and DC Larry Peters in viewing the death as a murder. As Will and Geordie investigate the Fitzgerald family history, they find themselves looking into Edmund’s own romantic past.

Grantchester Season 7 Episode 2

Synopsis: Lester Carmichael, part of the husband-and-wife team who own the Carmichael’s cleaning goods brand, is found dead with a rather unusual neck wound. Will and Geordie’s investigation leads them to look into Lester’s private life, which, they discover, is much less spotless than the carefully curated image he and his wife Melanie like to present to the public.

Grantchester Season 7 Episode 3

Synopsis: A vagrant is found dead in the doorway of Leonard’s cafe. Geordie can’t shake the feeling that this murder could be connected to two previous unsolved cases.

Grantchester Season 7 Episode 4

Synopsis: A member of Will’s own congregation is found murdered just before a church fundraising event. It becomes clear that the victim, Neil Hughes, was not quite the upstanding member of the community Will believed him to have been. And secrets emerge that make Will question how well he really knows any of his parishioners.

Grantchester Season 7 Episode 5

Synopsis: A murderer at a local old folks’ home sees Will and Geordie given the run around when they try to track down two of its elderly residents. Clem Preston, a mischievous raconteur with a tall tale for every occasion, and fun-loving Ida Merryman, have gone missing and are suspected of involvement in the crime. Are they guilty or are the duo leading the police on a wild goose chase – and if so – why?

Grantchester Season 7 Episode 6

Synopsis: Geordie realizes he may have sent the wrong man to prison for murder and that the real killer could still be at large.

Who plays whom in Grantchester season 7?

In “Grantchester,” Rev. Will Davenport is once again played by Tom Brittney. Robson Green will reprise his role as DI George “Geordie” Keating in Grantchester series 7.  Other regulars include Tessa Peake-Jones, who reprises her role as Mrs. Chapman, Al Weaver as Leonard Finch, Kacey Ainsworth as Geordie Keating’s wife, Daniel Marlowe as played by Oliver Dimsdale, Jack Chapman as played by Nick Brimble, Melissa Johns as Miss Scott, and Larry Peters as played by Bradley Hall.

Is a Grantchester season 7 trailer available?

ITV unveiled the Grantchester season 7 trailer, which features Geordie, Will, and the gang once more. Look down below.

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