Are You Ready for Gaslit Episode 8 [Finale] John Dean’s Fate

‘Gaslit’ Episode 8 will release on Sunday, June 12, 2022, at 8 p.m. E.T. on Starz. The final episode of ‘Gaslit’ reveals the last days of Nixon’s presidency, including John Dean’s fate.

Gaslit is the most recent historical drama, and it offers a contemporary look at the Watergate political scandal of the 1970s. Gaslit flits around to different individuals, whether it’s Nixon’s minions, tragic whistle-blowers, or crazed zealots, offering a new viewpoint on a well-known theme. We all knew Martha was correct about Nixon’s murky Watergate operations, but we didn’t see how much she suffered a lot of speaking the truth until the penultimate episode. The committee assailed Martha’s character, mentioning her previous hospitalisation and the severe mental illness that ran in her family, as she was preparing to testify on the Watergate activities. (Read the recap below)  At, you’ve come to the perfect place.  We’ve compiled all of the officially revealed information regarding ‘Gaslit’ Season 1 Episode 8  so far, including release dates, promo, sneak peek, and more.

Gaslit Episode 8 [Finale] Recap: Martha Was Right

Gaslit Episode 8 [Finale] Did John Dean spend five years in prison after Watergate?

Gaslit Episode 8 Spoilers

“Final Days” is the title of the series finale episode. The final episode of ‘Gaslit’ delves into the final days of Nixon’s presidency, including John Dean’s destiny, who faces several years in prison. As Martha Mitchell’s estranged husband, ex-Attorney General John Mitchell (Sean Penn), prepares for his trial, a chastened John Dean (Dan Stevens) has yet another terrifying encounter with insane conspirator G. Gordon Liddy (Shea Whigham). Despite the tragedy of Martha’s journey, she gets to get the final word (kind of) in this unforgettable series.  Watch Gaslit Episode 8 Promo

Gaslit Episode 8 Synopsis:  In the final days of the Nixon administration, Martha struggles to hold the family together in the midst of its decline; Dean and Mo are ready to face their future; G Gordon Liddy gives Dean a parting gift.

Where to Watch Gaslit Episode 8?

Gaslit Season 1 Episode 8 will release on Sunday, June 12, 2022, at 8 p.m. E.T. on Starz. Episode 8, is scheduled to be roughly 55 minutes long. you can watch Gaslit Episode 8 on Streaming Services Such as YouTube TV, Sling tv, DirecTV, and Fubo TV. Gaslit Season 1 can also buy and rent on apple tv, iTunes, and Prime Video by even purchasing a single episode or the entire season.

Gaslit Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

During a flashback detailing Martha and John Mitchell’s first meeting. We observe John, who has coloured his hair, reading a booklet about Zodiac signs in a Cantonese restaurant with a friend. John declares himself to be the “Year of the Rat” before cancelling his blind date even before it begins because his date is married. When we leapt ahead 16 years, her self-assurance and poise were quickly shattered. When his friend informs him that their dates have arrived, he succumbs to Martha’s angelic charm. After 16 years, we find ourselves right back where we left off in the previous episode. John is standing in the hallway, allowing a frail Martha to walk straight into danger. Now, the part that happens after that is obviously fictionalised, with John giving Senator Gurney dirt about Martha’s past.

The committee assailed Martha’s character, mentioning her previous hospitalisation and the severe mental illness that ran in her family, as she was preparing to testify on the Watergate activities. Despite the several daggers thrown her way. She exploded after the hearing, wrecking the family’s residence, defacing her husband’s photo, and screaming in anguish. It was an inequitable treatment. When John returned home, though, the sparks began to fly. Anyway, John and Martha spat hatred at one other, with John obviously gaslighting Martha for being a troubled lady who is always complaining about life.  Martha immediately launched into a scathing tirade against John, pointing out his sins and phoney ties with Nixon. Martha didn’t have to say anything else when John admitted to being responsible for her horrible Californian detention. Her eyes said a lot.

Things escalate into violence when John chokes Martha and tells her that he is leaving her forever and taking Marty with him. He also admits that he was to blame for whatever happened to her in California, which only adds to our hatred for him. The scene then shifts to Martha, who is plainly ill and blurry on-air with Barba Walters. Her interview, in which she is intended to reveal critical information to the public, fails miserably, and her loneliness and despair are palpable. Gordon Liddy tears down his prison wall in his insanity spell and discovers a large number of rats just outside the wall. He writes long, strange letters to his wife. Martha is now living alone in the large apartment that John has left him. She emerges from the shadows and begs John to forgive her and return her. However, John, who has come to collect Marty’s books, is unmoved by her pleading. The episode returns us to the Cantonese restaurant where Martha and her companion are going on their date before fading to darkness. Before they approach the restaurant, we witness rats move through a sign that blinks the restaurant’s name.

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