Futurama Season 11 Episode 7 Recap: “Rage Against the Vaccine”

Welcome to Futurama, a world filled with intrigue where the future is anything but typical. In this post, (tvacute.com) we’ll delve into the action-packed and occasionally disorganized world of Futurama season 11, concentrating on the wild trip that is episode 7, “Rage Against the Vaccine.” Prepare for a recap that will not only walk you through the episode but also give you a detailed explanation of how it ends. So without further ado, let’s take off on an animated trip filled with hilarious future humor!

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Futurama Season 11 Episode 7 Recap

The “Back-to-Normal Fest 2021 2547 3023” is hosted by Mayor C. Randall Poopenmeyer in the center of Central Park in New York City. This momentous day commemorates Earth’s glorious victory over COVID-19, which was accomplished in the year 3023. The people assemble to commemorate this historic event, which marks the end of an epidemic that has lasted for generations.

The happy television broadcast of the event, however, is abruptly cut off by a Channel 2 News Special Report. The colorful news team of Linda and Morbo report the shocking story that a new virus called “Explovid-23” has arisen among the city’s mutant population of sewers. Uncontrollable fury and a light cough are among the symptoms, which creates an ominous and unpleasant atmosphere for the episode.

Philip J. Fry, Hubert Farnsworth, Doctor Zoidberg, Amy Wong, and Bender Bending Rodriguez, members of our beloved team who work for Planet Express, watch the transmission with a mixture of curiosity and worry. The fearless Turanga Leela (Katey Sagal) soon follows, waving goodbye to her irritable and coughing parents, Turanga Munda and Turanga Morris, as she emerges from a manhole in the break room. Her appearance during a virus outbreak raises questions and changes the atmosphere in the room.

The office’s no-nonsense official Hermes Conrad (Phil LaMarr) enters carrying a parcel and announcing a new delivery mission. As the crew gets ready to go on a mission that will take them right into the middle of the epidemic, their normal routine is upset, which sets the stage for a series of weird and amusing incidents.

The crew of the Planet Express ship discovers a strange cargo when it touches down close to Mayor Poopenmeyer’s event in Central Park: Bill Nye the Science Head, a head in a jar. The key to the Times Square liquor cabinet, New York City’s highest accolade, is presented to Bill Nye. The audience is aware of the irony of this distinction in the middle of a raging pandemic. Unfortunately, Leela coughs as she places Bill Nye on the dais, portending her own demise.

Nye expresses gratitude to the residents of New New York City for the questionable distinction with his trademark scientific excitement. He formally announces the outbreak to be over, but then something unexpected happens. All of the performers on stage, including Nye, start coughing and show signs of hostility. Chaos results as Father Changstein El-Gamal is even involved in the crowd’s fistfighting frenzy.

The New York Post’s headline, “Sewer Flu Spreading Rapidly: Anger All the Rage,” makes everyone tremble back at PlanEx headquarters. Unease permeates the room as the staff begins to suspect something is wrong. While avoiding outright accusations, Amy tips her toe in Leela’s direction to express her worries. Farnsworth shows up with a fresh test to identify those who have contracted the infection. This test entails having a Q-tip forced up one’s nose to collect a sample of brain matter, a process that is both anticipated and dreaded.

Futurama Season 11 Episode 7

Fry, Amy, Zoidberg, Hermes, and Leela all endure the unpleasant nasal swabbing procedure along with the rest of the crew. When the tests are all negative, except for Leela’s, the results are in, the room is tense. She is placed under quarantine in the Angry Dome right away, separated from the rest of the crew, and her future is undetermined.

President Richard M. Nixon’s Head issued an “executive aroo,” ordering the wearing of masks over the ears to stop the spread of irate statements, so the crisis is not limited to New York City. This instruction’s absurdity serves as a good example of how satirical the show is of contemporary problems.

The PlanEx team will now be working remotely, according to Hermes, who mentions the “Gloom” app as their major method of communication. The team members must deal with a variety of annoyances and distractions while working remotely, which presents some difficulties. Hermes’ attempts to enforce work standards are greeted with opposition and disarray, which gives the scenario a humorous twist.

Hattie McDoogal, a recurring character noted for her eccentricity, interrupts the virtual meeting while they are discussing their remote work problems in order to refill her medicines. The team, however, object and are skeptical when Farnsworth orders them to physically return to the office. The conflict between the requirement for operations and the need for safety paves the way for more humorous situations.

It is clear that the epidemic has exposed the crew’s disparate mask-wearing strategies as they grudgingly assemble around the meeting table in person. Their attempts at hygiene theater are made funnier by the individual ways that each member wears their mask. The hilarious mayhem is further exacerbated by Farnsworth accidentally activating a Lovey Bear filter and Amy purposefully using a hair-changing filter.

Hattie McDoogal’s unusual request for a Gloom room adds even another level of strangeness to the tumultuous office setting. The show’s humorous perspective on business decision-making in a crisis is highlighted by Farnsworth’s determination to resume in-person labor in spite of safety concerns.

The crew starts to make assumptions about the nature of the virus as they try to adjust to the new normal, with Hermes claiming that it displays typical zombieism signs. His coworkers, however, react to his notion with skepticism and laughter, underscoring the show’s propensity towards humorizing science fiction.

The episode takes an unexpected turn when Hermes states his intention to visit New New Orleans in search of voodoo practitioners because he thinks voodoo may contain the answer to eradicating the virus. Hermes and his wife, LaBarbara, who has a personal history with voodoo and is frightened of its possible perils, clash over this choice. Despite their differences, Hermes is adamant about pursuing this unusual path to recovery.

Futurama Season 11 Episode 7 Recap: Ending Explained

Futurama Season 11 Episode 7

As Hermes sets out on his voyage to New New Orleans and negotiates the peculiarities of the Futurama world along the way, the plot takes an intriguing turn. In the course of his search for the hidden bone key to Voodoo HQ, he runs with Bonebot, the boneyard’s caretaker, who adds an absurdist aspect to the story.

In the end, Hermes’ journey takes him to Voodoo HQ, where he is greeted by Barbados Slim, a surprising leader in the voodoo world. Indicating a background that raises concerns about their earlier times, Slim confesses his longstanding relationship with LaBarbara. The scenario becomes more complex when it is revealed that LaBarbara is also a part of the mission because it is made obvious that she is not just doing this to help her husband.

The story takes a strange turn inside Voodoo HQ as the players debate making a voodoo potion to kill the virus. The idea of fooling the body into thinking it has the virus in order to activate the immune system’s defenses gives the plot a distinctive and fantasy touch. Hermes’ status as a test subject adds a funny element, and his reaction to the potion, which causes a “normal, easy-to-repress rage,” highlights the show’s aptitude for fusing science fiction and comedy.

Hermes and Farnsworth reconcile in a touching and unexpected way to end the show. Farnsworth, who at first disregarded voodoo, eventually learned to value the decades of tradition that underlying the discipline. This epiphany emphasizes the theme of the program, which is the unexpected advantages of unusual thinking.

The insanity hits a pinnacle as the crew gathers for voodoo shots, with the hilarity in the sequence coming from each character’s distinct reactions to the shot. Even Bender, the ravenous robot, can’t help but say, “Aw yeah,” after getting his injection.


The seventh episode of “Futurama” season 11, “Rage Against the Vaccine,” takes viewers on a crazy and humorous journey through a future plagued by pandemics. The episode presents a distinctive and enjoyable perspective on the difficulties of a viral pandemic with its blend of science fiction, satire, and humor. The show keeps viewers chuckling while presenting surprising twists and uplifting moments, including voodoo potions and bizarre mask-wearing.

We are left with a lesson that sometimes the most unusual ideas can result in unexpected and enjoyable outcomes as we say goodbye to this crazy adventure. “Futurama’s” capacity to address contemporary topics with wit and comedy makes it a beloved and enduring animated series for viewers of all ages, as evidenced by “Rage Against the Vaccine” So let’s learn a lesson from Futurama and find humor in even the most trying situations as we navigate our own future. Any sufficiently sophisticated magic, after all, is indistinguishable from science.

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