Fletch Reboot 2021: Release Date, Cast, Story, & Everything we know so far: Confess, Fletch Movie

Confess Fletch Movie

Viewers will soon be able to enjoy a fresh take on classic Chase roles. Chevy Chase starred in a comedy film, “Fletch”(1985), which also took on several disguises to try to solve crimes. The film Fletch is a 1974 mystery novel by Gregory MacDonald, the series featuring Irwin Maurice Fletcher. Given Fletch’s popularity, several sequels and prequels were written involving the character. Several books were also written in the Fletch series. Here www.tvacute.com share with you everything we know about Confess, Fletch Movie

30 years ago, another “Fletch” film was in the works. Many projects have failed to start over the years. Zach Braff, Jason Lee, and Ben Affleck were all involved at different points. These reboots all fell apart for different reasons.

In July 2020, a reboot of the film series is planned, a film based on ‘Confess Fletch‘ starring Jon Hamm and directed by Greg Mottola. He also co-wrote the script with Zev Boro. Which aims to be closer to Gregory McDonald’s Fletch books. The second novel in this series is Confess Fletch.

However, the new “Fletch” reboot will not be a remake of the previous films in the franchise. Instead, the movie will adapt elements from the second novel in the series. It’s a more noir-themed adaptation than strictly comedic.

Fletch Reboot: Confess Fletch Release Date

There’s still plenty of time to unravel the details about “Confess Fletch,” as the film is likely to take some time to hit the big screen. Shooting for the “Fletch” reboot was announced in June 2021. The release date of Fletch Reboot has not been announced yet. However, fans have been waiting for it for more than 30 years. The film will be released in theaters in a year. The film was spotted filming scenes in Worcester on July 7, 2021.

Confess Fletch Cast

Jon Hamm will play the title role of Irwin Maurice Fletcher as an investigative journalist who will do anything to get his story. He stars alongside John Slattery on both Mad Men, their first collaborations since 2015 when the AMC drama series was canceled. Annie Mumolo, Ayden Mayeri and Lorenza Izzo, all join the cast. Marcia Gay Harden, Roy Wood Jr. as Detective Monroe, and Kyle MacLachlan are also part of the cast.

What is the story of the Fletch reboot?

Fletch gets caught up in a series of bizarre events that lead to several murders. One of these makes him the prime suspect. Will be on a mission to prove his innocence. He will try to erase his name and find his fiancée’s stolen art collection. This is his only legacy after his father’s disappearance and he is presumed dead.

Confess Fletch Movie is now in production. It will take time to come to the cinema, till then you can read the breed and books based on it.

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