Are You Ready for Fire Country Episode 6

Fire Country Episode 6

In the fifth episode of Fire Country, Vince’s brother Luke visited Edgewater. The communications director of Cal Fire first appeared to be dropping by out of the blue, but by the episode’s conclusion, it was clear that Luke had other plans.    Let’s move ahead, So, here’s Everything we know about Fire Country season 1 new episode 6 so far, including the release date and promo which can be found at

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Fire Country Episode 6 Spoiler

A new episode will be titled “Like Old Times.“We had known there is ill will between erstwhile best friends Bode (Max Theiriot), the prisoner fireman, and Jake (Jordan Calloway), the Battalion 1608 engineer, after the horrific loss of Bode’s sister in a vehicle accident years before. When the ex-bros undertake a perilous alpine rescue of a hiker who fell while taking a selfie together, it might be time to symbolically put the past behind them.

Fire Country Episode 6 Synopsis

After a hiker falls from a steep cliff, Bode and Jake put aside their differences to make a daring rescue. Also, Sharon reveals devasting news to Bode. WRITTEN BY: Sara Casey & Manuel Herrera DIRECTED BY: Erica Watson

Fire Country Episode 6 Release Date

Fire Country Episode 6 will occur on November 18, 2022. It is scheduled to air on CBS at 9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT Every week on Fridays, and brand-new episodes are scheduled for release. it is simple to watch online through CBS. In addition, new episodes will be live-streamed or later streamed on Paramount Plus. The platform offers more programming in addition to what is broadcast on CBS.

How to Watch Fire Country Episode 6 Free

The base subscription package for Paramount Plus is only $4.99, and it includes commercials when you first start streaming. Then I advise you to get the more expensive, ad-free edition of the same if you want a wonderful experience and no inconvenience. If you purchase the membership from Amazon as a package, you can try it out for free for 7 days. You may take advantage of this to watch Fire Country Episode 6 for free and legally.


Max Thieriot (Bode)
Billy Burke (Vince)
Kevin Alejandro (Manny)
Diane Farr (Sharon)
Stephanie Arcila (Gabriela)
Jordan Calloway (Jake)
Jules Latimer (Eve)


Michael Trucco (Luke)
Lina Lecompte (Amber)
Jennifer Tong (Kristen)
Anthony Joseph (Hank)

Fire Country Episode 6 Recap

Despite Luke’s fondness for his sister-in-law, Luke is a title chaser who struggles to hold onto the knowledge that may help him advance within his department’s power structures. He is aware that Sharon used her influence to prevent Bode from being sent to another camp and to keep him at Three Rock. Luke pressed on Manny for further details, but the leader of the con camp refused to take the accusation seriously. Luke’s investigation won’t stop here, for sure, but Sharon’s impending disclosure will have to take precedence over his planning. Her chronic renal illness has advanced to stage 5, which means she must inform Bode quickly. It appears that this will happen in the upcoming episode.

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