[Fall Finale] FBI Season 5 Episode 9 Recap; Ending! Nina’s plans for raising their child.

After the new episodes air this week, all three FBI shows will take a vacation for the holidays and will return on January 3. On the mothership, a young man who appears to be without malice comes up at headquarters with a large bag of fentanyl. He asks the crew to protect him from the individuals who were responsible for the death of his father. Nina Chase, who is currently pregnant and played by Shantel VanSanten, makes a return with a marriage proposal for Scola, who is the father of her unborn child (John Boyd). (tvacute.com) Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of FBI Season 5 Episode 9, in case you missed any of the exciting moments.

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FBI Season 5 Episode 9 “Fortunate Son” Recap

A young person carrying a bag of cocaine entered the FBI department’s New York offices. Trevor Logan was the name of the child. He was a young man. He sought assistance from the FBI because he believed his father needed it. Trevor claimed that day his father urged him to get into the car when he returned home. He was unaware of the cause of his father’s yelling or what had startled him, but he was certain that someone had fired a shot at the car not long after they had entered it. In the end, his father was shot. He took his own car to the hospital. Additionally, he instructed Trevor to keep hold of the bag and seek safety by hiding. Trevor only needed to take a single glance at that luggage to see his dad was in over his head.

It was loaded with narcotics. By the way, not just any medications. nothing akin to heroin or cocaine. Of all things, fentanyl was what it was. Trevor sought assistance from the FBI since the situation was too perilous for him to manage on his own. The security guards’ request that he lay his suitcase on the ground before carrying it inside the building caused some minor confusion. However, Stuart and Tiffany intervened. The luggage was searched when they persuaded Trevor to drop it. The medications were discovered. When they later questioned Trevor about it, he gave them the full account of how he acquired it. He claimed to be terrified. He wished his father had lived. He was only a child and really needed assistance.

The FBI pledged to take action. Only initially, they demanded that he wear a wire. Trevor had to wear a wire to learn where his father obtained the narcotics since they claimed they couldn’t assist him unless they had all the information. To wear the wire, Trevor consented. He wished to support his father. He wore the wire, but the conversation with the elder man stalled. His father was adamant about keeping the events in the hospital private. There were too many people, he claimed. Even worse, he claimed that they didn’t need to be concerned about the previous gunshot by the males. He claimed that because there are so many cameras there, those individuals wouldn’t attempt to attack him at the hospital.

Trevor was warned to back off by Stuart. Vince was wearing a wire, but they didn’t want to let him know. Trevor was also requested to search the hospital for his father’s cell phone, but he was unable to do so. There was a potential that his father left his cell in the flat because they were in such a rush to leave it earlier. Stuart and Tiffany were driven back to their flat by Trevor. Someone unsavoury was seen exiting the apartment, they saw. The agents chased him but couldn’t catch him. When they eventually went back to the apartment, they discovered it to be looted. Whoever it was who broke it had combed the area with all of their might.

Trevor returned to the medical facility. wearing the wire once more Trevor made up a tale about returning to the flat to get some clothing when he noticed someone had broken in. He returned to the apartment, which infuriated his father. He enquired about the bag as well. Trevor reassured his father that the drug bag was secure as he continued to inquire about it. He even concocted a tale about how it was stashed away at his friend’s house in the closet. Additionally, Trevor attempted to express his love to his father, but he was unsuccessful because his father had already seen the new necklace he was sporting. As a result, Trevor had to leave the room.

Trevor was going to do something risky, therefore he wanted his father to at least know that he loved him. It appears that the FBI made the decision to utilise the trick to catch the men who shot at Vince. It comes out that Vince was a heroin dealer who aborted the delivery because he didn’t enjoy getting shorted on a few deals. So he made the decision to steal a delivery from his supplier. When the FBI eventually obtained Vince’s cell phone, they learned this. They also came to the conclusion that Vince was never going to aid them, so they devised a scheme to destroy his supplier. Nico was the name of the man. As a drug dealer who had purchased his missing bag of narcotics, Stuart contacted him.

Stuart promised he would return Nico’s missing items in exchange for a finder’s fee. Stuart then claimed he wanted to strike a deal with Nico after that ruse failed. He was instructed by Nico to arrive at a particular bar early and with Trevor. He wanted to verify Stuart’s account of Trevor supplying him the drugs after his father passed away. Stuart endorsed the gathering. Trevor tried to tell his father he loved him after being persuaded to do this by him, but his father must have sensed something was off since he subsequently tracked him and shot Nico. Additionally, he took cash from Nico. He committed enough theft to flee.

As a result, when Trevor and Stuart arrived for their meeting, they discovered Nico and his lieutenant shot on the ground. Stuart requested assistance. Tiffany took care of Trevor as the others attempted first aid. They didn’t watch all the security videos until after Nico was admitted to the hospital. A camera they discovered outside showed that Vince was the shooter. Because of an armed robbery, Vince became wanted. They eventually caught up to him, attempted to reason with him, Trevor tried to reason with him, but Vince still decided to shoot himself in the head because he wanted to die. He was opposed to going back to jail. Trevor then placed the blame on himself. He believed that his father might still be alive if he had simply hidden as his father requested.

Nina then informed Stuart that the child will be kept. She added that she wished to raise the child by herself. She desired to accept a position in Los Angeles and asked Stuart to sign away his rights in the interim, but he declined. He claimed that any child of his deserves to know that their father loves them after the day he had. He wouldn’t give up his rights by signing a document. Nina was eager to work with him since he was willing to be flexible with her. She even informed him that a boy was on the way.

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