FBI: Most Wanted Season 3 Finale Recap [Episode 22]

“A Man Without a Nation,” the final episode of FBI: Most Wanted’s third season, placed Remy Scott and the team against an oligarch whose attempts to flee the country resulted in a terror spree in New York City. Sarkov made matters personal by focusing on the agents’ families as they attempted to piece together the puzzle of who was leaking their information. Sarkov’s terror assaults on New York put the agents’ lives in jeopardy, and they could only hope that their loved ones were safe at the safe house. Many lives could have been lost. Remy’s ability to make a life-or-death decision when other agents could have hesitated demonstrated his leadership abilities. Sarkov was dead, the investigation was closed How it’s all turn let’s explained

A theft was carried out by an armed group. They made off with a valuable painting. Before making their getaway with the painting, they killed several security officers and even two US Marshalls. The paintings were taken from a Russian oligarch as part of the US government’s sanctions against Russia. However, the acquisition was discovered. They made off with a painting valued at $160 million. The FBI’s best fugitive task group was tasked with discovering the people involved since the one painting might support who knows what on the underground market. Everyone in positions of power wished to locate the individuals responsible. They also wanted to know who employed those individuals. They suspected the painting’s previous owner, a billionaire, and, if not him, Russia directly.

SSA Remy Explored a New Romance in FBI: Most Wanted Season 3 Finale; Who is Remy’s new romance?

Perhaps Russia wished to regain some of its lost fortune. There was no way of knowing who had stolen the painting, so Scott and his team set out to find the billionaire. They were unable to locate him. They couldn’t obtain answers from the Russian Consulate on where Sarkov might be, so they turned to his daughter for help. His daughter grew up in Ukraine after being born in Moscow. She considers herself to be Ukrainian. She opposes the invasion, and she hasn’t spoken to her father in years. Her college education in the West was the last thing her millionaire father paid for. She has subsequently severed ties and is devoted to Ukraine. Her father wanted to keep out of politics, but after being sanctioned, he had little choice except to support Russia. Sarkov had only recently gone on the offensive.

When Jane Moore was killed, he revealed he was complicit in the crime. She was in charge of the sanctions imposed on Russia. She signed the paperwork to reclaim what Sarkov had built, and then she died. She was assassinated outside her workplace. Her bodyguard was also wounded. After seeing Moore’s body, the crew concluded that Sarkov was involved. But the proof came when he bragmed about it on Scott’s personal phone. The FBI eventually recovered the painting after discovering it was being smuggled out of the country and putting a stop to it. They assassinated the men who were guarding it. The pilot was also apprehended, and the picture was retrieved. Sarkov was now murdering individuals at random in order to reclaim the picture. He told Scott that if he didn’t get his property back, he’d keep killing. Scott was unable to cooperate because they do not give in to terrorists, so he concentrated on what he could accomplish. Sarkov had access to his own phone, he realised. That means the FBI had a snitch on them.

Scott contacted his superiors. He notified Sarkov about the mole and his demand. The man was determined to reclaim his picture and was willing to kill anyone to do it. His own daughter was deemed unsafe by the team. They attempted to persuade her to flee. She flatly refused. She claimed that if her Ukrainian friends could be brave, so could she. She was in New York at the time. She didn’t want to leave, and the FBI couldn’t risk their own families’ safety. While they searched for Sarkov, they placed their families in protective custody. He made his next move while they were looking for him.

One of Sarkov’s men dressed up as a transit cop. This individual walked away after dropping a bag inside a metro. The FBI was contacted regarding the suspicious bag. Unfortunately, the bomb went off when a homeless man was still inside, killing him. After that, Sarkov went completely insane. He wasn’t simply murdering people. He was performing terrorist crimes, and the FBI set a $2 million bounty on his head. They didn’t care if Sarkov was dead or alive. In the end, it didn’t matter, so the crew continued their search for Sarkov. Later, they received word from the tip line that a man who matched Sarkov’s description was sleeping at a neighbour’s house while the neighbour was gone.

The team arrived, but Sarkov and his men had already left. Another thing that happened was that Sarkov’s daughter went to the media and condemned Russia based on her father’s behaviour. She claimed that if Russia had backed his terrorist attacks, he would not have done any of it. The Russians were so enraged by the daughter’s behaviour that they struck a deal with Sarkov. They agreed to assist him in exchange for his daughter. Sarkov snatched his daughter afterwards. He attempted to take her to the Russian Embassy but was stopped by the FBI. The daughter Polina (Lyanka Gryu) was rescued. Sarkov then made his way into the consulate. The Russians, though, executed Sarkov minutes later. He was not wanted. They wanted his daughter so they could teach her a lesson, and Sarkov was useless to them. He was only serving to make them seem awful.

But how did Sarkov get access to the agents’ personal information, which is only known by their loved ones and those in the bureau? Sarkov, of course, had an insider working for him who he was blackmailing. When the mole was identified, he revealed that there was a threat on the subway, which Remy and the crew eventually confirmed to be deadly gas.  He tried everything he could to help the man till the subway doors closed. It was an executive decision that saved several lives, including Remy’s and the others on the scene. Sarkov attempts to flee the Russian consulate, where he has brokered a deal—or so he thinks. When he was challenged by a guard and later shot to death, no one was more astonished than Sarkov himself.

In Season 3, fans only saw Dylan McDermott as SSA Remy Scott for six episodes, but there’s no need to be concerned about whether he’ll be returning on CBS in the fall. The original FBI, FBI: International, and FBI: Most Wanted all received two-season renewals. FBI Most Wanted is available to stream with a Paramount+ membership during the pause till Season 4, if you want to catch up on some older episodes.

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