A Selection of Educational Movies That Every Student Should Watch

A Selection of Educational Movies That Every Student Should Watch

Learning in the modern digital age goes beyond what can be accomplished with a teacher, a classroom, and a blackboard. Educational standards are being raised as a result of the impact of mobile devices, education apps, and innovative educational software. When students use the benefits of the digital era to educate themselves on their own, teachers’ roles shift from being one-sided dictators to providing guidance and help.

Everyone enjoys watching movies, and since they can be a powerful medium for communicating ideas to an audience, students should see motivational films that offer them insights into their academic work, professional lives, and personal lives. Some films will make us laugh, some will make us weep, and some will motivate us to do more and lead better lives. Movies like this are exactly the sort of thing that should be shown in the classroom.

Top 20 Must-Watch Movies for Every Student

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With today’s modern conveniences, film distribution is a breeze. Hollywood and Bollywood have produced a number of films that are both informative and inspirational, and they are included here. These instill in students an appreciation for the benefits of discipline and education. Here is our selection of the top 10 most motivational films of all time for students:

1.    Freedom Writers

This film follows a young educator as she strives to inspire her students to continue their studies beyond high school despite the difficulties they have encountered thus far. The lessons of Freedom Writers encourage its readers to keep their long-term objectives in mind at all times. All it takes is a little tolerance and perseverance for students who watch this film to become the kind of adults the world needs.

3. Precious

This American drama film from 2009 was adapted from a book about a young girl who endured mental, physical, and sexual harassment at the hands of her bullies. The protagonist of Precious describes how an influential instructor in high school pushed her to take control of her life and the lives of her children. Students can take heart from this film as motivation to take on the world and succeed.

3.    The Pursuit of Happyness

The story is based on the life of a genuine individual who started out as a homeless salesman who slept on the train and eventually became successful through his own determination and hard work. One of the main themes of The Pursuit of Happyness is that no matter how difficult things get, one should never give up on their aspirations. He was rewarded for his efforts, determination, and insistence on seizing every chance that presented itself.

4.    Good Will Hunting

The movie, released in 1997, tells the story of a young man named Will Hunting who, while gifted in mathematics, initially failed to place a high value on his education. Years later, he found motivation in the struggles of a therapist who refused to give up against overwhelming odds. Then he realized what he was good at and started using his abilities to their fullest extent, which allowed him to solve some very challenging mathematical problems. Students can benefit from reading Good Will Hunting because it may encourage them to step up and do what they can.

5.    Dead Poets Society

This film by Peter Weir tells the story of a teacher who uses poetry to inspire his students to challenge the status quo. The film Dead Poets Society, starring Robin Williams as a teacher who motivates his students using unconventional means, was released in 1989. You owe it to your students to show them this, one of the finest American dramas if you want them to grow as people and as learners.

6.    Life of Pi

The 2012 American drama was a visual masterwork with great execution that can serve as a source of motivation for students. The amazing film directed by Ang Lee is about a child who, at age 16, witnesses the deaths of all his family members aboard a ship and must find a way to survive on his own. Life of Pi actually delivers not just one message, but several different thoughts for kids, such as the value of having faith in yourself, the global urge to survive, and the necessity of learning to let go.

7.    Legally Blonde

This is the inspiring true story of a young lady who triumphed over her own feelings of inferiority and insecurity to attend the world-renowned Harvard University. Those who fail to appreciate their own abilities and continue to hold themselves back may find encouragement in the film Legally Blonde. The movie successfully argues that everyone can realize their full potential, excel in their chosen field, and earn greater respect by applying hard work and adopting a determined attitude.

8.    Theory of Everything

The life of Stephen Hawking, the world’s preeminent theoretical physicist and cosmologist, is chronicled in this documentary. He is shocked to learn that he has motor neuron dysfunction, especially given his status as a great Astrophysics student. The prognosis from the medical community is that he has only two years to live.

However, he challenged doctors’ assumptions and lived to be 76 years old. During that time, he established himself as a leading figure in the scientific communities of both cosmology and physics.

All pupils, but especially those with unique needs, might find encouragement in this moving picture. With the resources at your disposal, the sky’s the limit.

9.    A Beautiful Mind

The 2001 American biographical drama film has a powerful message about savouring every minute of life. The film A Beautiful Mind, directed by Ron Howard, depicts the story of a brilliant scientist and mathematician who, after thinking himself the best in the world thanks to an important discovery, began to neglect his own happiness in favour of living in a world of fantasy. His quest for self-discovery and his awakening to life’s simple pleasures are dramatized in the film.

10.  The Manhattan Project

Marshall Brickman helmed this film, which was released in theatres in 1986. Teenagers’ outsized school science project as depicted in The Manhattan Project. Students’ determination and ingenuity in building a nuclear weapon using only information found online are impressive, and yet it also serves as a warning about the perverse ways in which technology may influence young people.

11. The Blind Side

The year 2009 saw the release of this John Lee-directed American sports drama. The Blind Side chronicles the real-life experiences of Michael Oher, who faced various hardships. His blessing came in the form of a caring family who first gave him a place to stay for the day before adopting him permanently. He was inspired by the family’s genuine warmth and affection to develop his football talents, and he took advantage of the chance to become a successful football player.

12. Stand and Deliver

The film’s plot is inspired by the true story of an innovative math educator. The group of kids he worked with had been having trouble before he became involved, but because of his efforts, they were able to achieve their goals. Those who feel completely helpless in a given area should take some time to watch Stand and Deliver; the film’s portrayal of Jamie Escalante’s journey from failure to success is particularly inspiring.

13. WALL-E

Andrew Stanton helmed this science fiction film, which was released in 2008. Pixar Animation Studios was responsible for creating this animated feature. WALL-E reminds us that the key to finding happiness and solving problems is to put more effort into our interpersonal connections. And sometimes it’s preferable to make decisions based on the present status of the scenario instead of going with what you’ve learned in the past.

14. Searching for Bobby Fischer

Written and directed by Steven Zaillian, it’s an American drama film that came out in 1993. The film follows a teenage chess prodigy who is inspired and propelled to the top. Pomeranc embodies the chess master Joshua Waitzkin. The book “Searching for Bobby Fischer” poses a challenge to society, asking what might be done to encourage and support talented kids to reach their full potential.

15. Harry Potter

From 2001 through 2011, this British-American movie series was based on the best-selling Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling. The Harry Potter film has significantly motivated students to go outside and complete difficult things rather than spend all day playing video games on their computers. As part of their lesson plans, teachers are using a lot of Harry Potter themes in an effort to motivate and inspire their students to learn and lead fulfilling lives.

16.  Cinema Paradiso

An Italian drama film directed by Giuseppe Tornatore and released in 1988. Learning from Cinema Paradiso encourages a creative and optimistic outlook on life. In addition, they will understand that education is something that must be pursued for the rest of their lives. Children will also gain an understanding of the importance of community and the happiness that comes from helping others.

17.  Star Wars

An American film series directed by the legendary George Lucas. The voyage of the film series began way back in 1977 and still going strong to this day. The Star Wars sagas are a fantastic resource for teaching kids important lessons. Over the past three decades, the film has steadily gained popularity among students of all generations. Instead of only showing kids spaceships and explosions, the film teaches them to be determined and to know the difference between right and wrong.

18. Monsters University (2013)

In Monster Inc., Sulley and Mike have all reached adulthood, started working, had a reliable job, and lived free of any restrictions. Prior to it, very few people were aware that Sulley and Mike had become close friends and partners in pursuing their dreams after meeting by chance while attending Monsters University. The film narrates the events surrounding their chance of meeting at the university and their journey to friendship, teaching viewers valuable lessons about friendship and pursuing one’s aspirations.

The movie’s length of 1 hour and 44 minutes makes it a good choice for people who are just starting to learn English through movies. The language structures in the dialogues are rather mild and not overly complex for an animated film. Additionally, even for beginners, the medium speech tempo of the characters does not present too many challenges.

19. Schindler’s List

This period drama, directed by Steven Spielberg, was first shown in theatres in 1993. Students can gain a more nuanced comprehension of the Second World War scenario and the plight of the people by reading Schindler’s List. The film is based on the true story of Oskar Schindler, a hero who saved the lives of around 1,100 Jews during the Holocaust. It also teaches students that love is more effective than violence in solving problems.

20.  Boyhood

This movie stood out because it was shot over the span of 12 years and tells the tale of a boy’s life over that time. The majority of the movie is on events that take place in MJ’s life while he is living with his mother following his parent’s divorce. The life of the boy during his teens is depicted in the movie with all its emotional intensity. The film also depicts the tender moments of parenthood and paternity.

Children have a fantastic opportunity to comprehend the events in their parents’ lives from the perspective of contemporary culture thanks to the movie.

Final Words

These are a few of the many films that might serve as inspiration and motivation for students as they work to better the world. Students and educators alike can benefit greatly from seeing these motivational films, which highlight the value of individual effort and emphasize the collective success that can be achieved through teamwork and persistence. Students are getting a new kind of education in this new era of “smart classrooms,” thanks to the use of education applications and smart school software.

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