Drops of God Episode 8 [Season Finale] Camille Confronts her Past

Drops of ‘God,’ an Apple TV+ drama series created by Quoc Dang Tran, has been based on a manga series of the exact same name written by Tadashi Agi.  The story follows Camille Léger and Issei Tomine who are rivals in their pursuit of the legacy of Alexandre Léger, Camille’s estranged father and Issei’s teacher and a world-renowned winemaker. Alexandre’s true identity as Issei’s biological father is gradually unveiled throughout the course of the show.

[Season Finale] Drops of God Episode 8 Recap: “All or Nothing” Who Wins??

In the seventh episode, the idea of a marriage or connection between wine and cuisine is explored. As we reach the highly anticipated season finale, tensions are at an all-time high as the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here – the announcement of the competition winner.  Join us for details of what’s to come in the upcoming episode of Drops of God Episode 8.  (tvacute.com) we’ve got you covered with all the essential details.

Drops of God Episode 5 Recap

Drops of God Episode 8 [Finale] Spoilers

The finale is going to be a thrilling ride as Luca Inglese’s attempts to create a rift between Camille and Issei (Tomohisa Yamashita) have failed, leaving us on the edge of our seats with anticipation. In the upcoming episode, Issei may be granted the ticket to the estate, but he could potentially oust Luca (Diego Ribon) from the picture and team up with Camille due to their mutual admiration. Issei’s lineage is the only potential source of conflict.

In a shocking twist, it is revealed that Alexandre had an affair with Honoka while he was still with Marianne. This devastating knowledge shatters everything and everyone around them, especially when it is discovered that Issei is the product of that affair. In this dramatic turn of events, Camille  (Fleur Geffrier) must confront her past and come to terms with the truth about Alexandre’s (Stanley Weber) death. If she can move past this dark secret, Luca’s fate hangs in the balance. If she has a meltdown, Luca will emerge victorious.

As our story unfolds, the fate of Hirokazu and Honoka remains a mystery. Stay tuned to find out what lies ahead for these two characters. Will they be reunited or will they spend the rest of their lives alone? As we approach the finale, we eagerly anticipate how Season 1 of Drops of God will conclude.

Drops of God Episode 8 Release Date

In the highly anticipated eighth episode, mark your calendars for Friday, June 2nd, 2023, at midnight PT, when it will be released exclusively on Apple TV+. In the upcoming episode titled “All or Nothing,” our characters will face their biggest challenges yet. With a runtime of 51 minutes, this episode promises to be a thrilling ride for our viewers.

Drops of God Episode 7 Recap

At the outset of the episode, Camille has a heated exchange with Luca, who makes it obvious he would stop at nothing to prevent her from winning the competition. While paying their support to Camille, Lorenzo, and Miyabi bring up the fact that Lorenzo’s uncle Luca has been buying up vineyards all over the world. Luca’s vineyards are worth more now that they are featured in the Léger guide, in which he has a substantial financial stake. This news comes as a shock to Camille, and she wonders why Lorenzo has been so secretive about it.

After his father disowned him, Lorenzo tells Camille that his uncle Luca took him in and raised him. Since Issei did not go through the same experience as Camille, he is having difficulty finding the connection in the second test. He and Katase sip a bottle of the test’s Casa dei Fossati wine and then kiss. When Issei and Katase awake, however, they are disturbed by the presence of Honoka, Issei’s mother. Honoka knows Issei bombed the second test and advises him to make amends with his grandfather. When Issei declines and brings up Hirokazu, an argument ensues, and Honoka eventually throws Issei out of the apartment.

In France, Philippe gets a letter from his late friend Alexandre’s inheritance, the Léger family. Philippe grants Alexandre’s last wish grudgingly. Now that they know each other’s significance, Issei and Camille are traveling to France together on a private jet. Camille refuses to talk to Issei despite his attempts to apologize by explaining that he didn’t cheat in the second round. The characters learn that the once-private tests have become highly performative and public upon their arrival in France. The attorney who had previously done the tests is sorry about the change but says it was out of his hands. With a journalist acting as moderator, the third and final exam becomes a spectacular show.

There are three judges who score the candidates throughout three sections of the exam. Luca, who is revealed to be a judge, makes it obvious to Camille that he is on her side by announcing that the winner would inherit the handbook. Camille sees her mother among the crowd, but she keeps her cool because she hasn’t forgiven her. Issei breezes through the first round, which tests broad knowledge of the wine industry, thanks to his considerable schooling in the subject. Second, one of the judges will cook a three-course dinner, and Issei and Camille will have to come up with the ideal wine pairings for each course. The final leg of the competition takes place at the Chassangre domaine, where the competitors must taste and prepare a secret wine.

Philippe, who has grown close to Camille, is dissatisfied with this assignment and expresses regret to his friend. The test continues as Issei examines the field and plants and Camille tastes the wines in the cellar.  As Issei delves farther into the past, he finds himself in the moment when Honoka and Hirokazu first encounter Alexandre. Issei admits to Camille later that night that he learned about the second wine while snooping around Alexandre’s things by accident. He gushes over Camille’s innate talent while defending his own meticulous technique. After Camille goes to sleep, however, Issei has a vision in which grapes appear and disappear from the table, suggesting he may have the same innate powers as Alexandre. As the tensions between the protagonists rise, the contest goes public, and Issei and Camille face the ultimate test of their sommelier talents.

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