Drops of God Episode 5 Recap [The Link] Ending Explained!

The Apple TV+ series, ‘Drops of God’, is a captivating adaptation of the manga series by Tadashi Agi (a pen name for the talented duo of Yuko and Shin Kibayashi) and illustrated by Shu Okimoto. The show takes viewers on a journey through the rich cultures of France and Japan, all through the lens of wine. In this gripping tale, we follow the journey of Camille Léger, played by the talented Fleur Geffrier, and Issei Tomine, portrayed by the charismatic Tomohisa Yamashita. These two fierce competitors are locked in a battle to determine who will inherit the prestigious legacy of the legendary sommelier, Alexandre Léger. As Camille’s father and Issei’s mentor, Alexandre’s legacy is highly coveted, and the stakes are high in this intense rivalry.

As the season unfolds, it becomes more and more evident that there’s more to the story than meets the eye. In episode 5, entitled ‘The Link,’ Camille is presented with an opportunity to take over her father’s role as the Léger guide, leading to a disagreement with Thomas. At the same time, Issei’s curiosity about his parents’ past in Alexandre’s class leads him down a path of uncovering buried family secrets. In the current episode of ‘Drops of God’, all the details about the ending that you could possibly desire are revealed.  In case you were wondering what happened at the end of Drops of God Episode 5, here it is (tvacute.com).

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Drops of God Episode 5 Recap

In the second of Léger’s tests, Issei and Camille determine whether the wine is appropriate for a painting by Fede Galizia that depicts a glass compote with peaches and jasmine blossoms on it and encircled by quinces and a lone grasshopper. While the character drama plays out in the foreground, starting with the destiny of the Tomine Diamond empire, the search for the wine gets underway in the background. With only two weeks to complete their task, the duo must use all their expertise and knowledge to uncover the perfect pairing. Will they succeed in their mission, or will they be left with a bitter taste in their mouths? As the team investigates the mysterious case, they are left with only one lead – the cryptic word “link.”

We cut to a news conference, where Issei’s grandfather makes his first appearance in front of the media in a long time. With a resolute voice, he announces the family’s unwavering backing of Issei and even goes as far as to express his pride in his grandson. In the next scene, Issei pays an appointment to his mother at the Tomine Diamonds’ headquarters where he discovers the shocking news of his father’s vanished. In this episode, our protagonist comes face to face with his grandfather and attempts to express his gratitude for the public display of support. However, things take a dramatic turn when Noboru reveals to his grandson that he has been stripped of his family inheritance. Our protagonist is faced with a high-stakes challenge: winning Alexandre’s rivalry is the only way to avoid losing everything he holds dear. As Camille and Issei gaze upon the painting before them, they realize that it is none other than Fede Galizia’s renowned masterpiece. In this scene, Miyabi and Lorenzo have a playful exchange that leads to them sharing something special.

we see Issei taking matters into his own hands as he heads to the police station to report his father’s disappearance. However, the police don’t seem to be much help as they inform Issei that they can’t take any action since Hirokazu left on his own. Issei makes a move to contact the reporter, Katase, whom he had met earlier. He offers her an interview in return for her assistance, to which she agrees. In the next scene, she sends him a snapshot of Hirokazu captured at a bustling train station. Katase’s theory suggests that those who disappear into thin air have actually left their city. Katase, with her police force connections, managed to obtain a photo of Hirokazu. However, uncertainty looms over which train he boarded. Nevertheless, Katase is confident about the counter and promises Issei that she will locate his father.

Camille and Thomas discuss happy and unhappy marriages as well as the durability of relationships over a beer at a bar. Both Camille and Thomas have feelings for one another. Thomas explains to Camille that he is married to Juliette and that he cannot betray her when she wants to give her emotions a physical form. This creates a comparison between Camille’s and Issei’s loneliness.

Drops of God Episode 5 Recap [The Link] Ending Explained!

In episode 5, Issei opens up to Katase in an exclusive chat about his family and the high stakes of the test. He reveals that he’s willing to make a major sacrifice and forego the diamond business if he doesn’t pass. And it’s all thanks to his father that he’s the man he is today. When Camille first meets Luca, he offers to hire her to write for Alexandre’s Léger Guide, an annual book that features wine evaluations. In this episode, Issei embarks on a journey to the university where Alexandre once taught. To uncover the truth about his parents’ connection with the esteemed professor. Will Issei be able to unravel the mystery, or will he be met with unexpected obstacles along the way? Issei turns up at the college Honoka and Hirokazu had attended and succeeds in obtaining the address of Alexandre’s translator. But before that, the college clerk denies Issei access to crucial information due to strict university policy.

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