Does Jamie Travel Forward in Time in Outlander?

Starz’s hit historical series ‘Outlander‘ is back for another thrilling season, captivating audiences with the thrilling tale of the Fraser MacKenzie family and their journey into the future to save Amanda. Led by main characters Brianna “Bree” Fraser MacKenzie, Roger MacKenzie, Jemmy and Amanda. Claire and Jamie Fraser (Brianna’s parents) have experienced significant difficulties adapting to life without their beloved daughter or her family.

As Claire and Jamie experience Brianna and her family’s incredible journey into the future, audiences have been left wondering whether they, too, would undertake their own time travel endeavour. Claire has proven her incredible time-travel abilities; however, doubts have arisen regarding Jamie’s ability to achieve such feats. Season 4 of ‘Outlander’ promises answers to all these inquiries as it explores deeper into their characters’ lives as well as all that lies ahead for them both.

Does Jamie Ever Visit the Future

Does Jamie Ever Visit the Future?

Diana Gabaldon reveals in her novel ‘Outlander,’ Sam Heughan, as Jamie Fraser, does not possess the power of time travel like his wives Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek).

Though Jamie may seem trapped in his past, that doesn’t preclude him from moving forward or backward in time.

Fans of both series and books may recall Jamie meeting Tobias Menzies (Tobias Randall) during a chance meeting during Claire and Frank Randall’s second honeymoon in Inverness in 1940. When Jamie approached Frank Randall, he mysteriously vanished before Frank could see what appeared to be a ghostly figure peering through Claire’s bedroom window.

Gabaldon has revealed that Jamie’s ghost can travel back and forth through time despite his physical body not having this capability. Furthermore, she has noted that one of the final scenes in ‘Outlander’ will feature their ghostly reunion.

Jamie appears as a much younger version of himself when meeting Claire, approximately 25 years old and close to when he almost perished at Culloden. This suggests that Jamie’s spirit departed his body while unconscious, travelling back through time until meeting Claire again.

The author has left viewers to interpret what might have transpired between their lovers during these encounters, leaving it up to viewers’ own imaginations to conjure up a dialogue between the two characters during these meetings.

Jemmy and Mandy, Jamie’s grandchildren, can see him at Lallybroch in the future. Jamie often daydreams about spending more time with Jemmy and Mandy; perhaps this suggests his spirit visits their dreams at night to keep communication open between generations.

Jamie may experience glimpses of the future and communicate with his descendants but does not possess the ability to travel through time physically as other characters in the series do.

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