Did Talos Die in Secret Invasion Episode 4?

In the thrilling fourth episode of Secret Invasion, viewers were treated to a series of jaw-dropping twists and reveals that expertly built upon the momentum established in earlier episodes. The most shocking discovery was that G’iah, who had been presumed to be dead, was actually alive and had turned into a Super Skrull by utilizing Gravik’s device on herself.

This prepares the audience for a possible conflict between G’iah and Gravik in upcoming episodes. A sequence that showed a Skrull changing into Rhodes while taking a shower further supported the idea that Rhodes is a Skrull impostor. This raises concerns regarding Rhodes’ time as a Skrull and the location of the real Rhodes. Another surprise featured Varra, who was told to kill Nick Fury  (Samuel L. Jackson)  by Skrull Rhodey but finally decided to spare him because of their sincere love for one another.

It is made clear that Gravik is using surveillance footage of Maria Hill’s killing, in which Gravik (Kingsley Ben-Adir) shot her while posing as Fury, to threaten Fury. Fury is put in danger by this video, which also makes it harder for him to reveal the Skrull invasion. In a pivotal scene, Fury and Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) stop a plot by Gravik and the Skrulls to kill President Ritson, heightening the hostility between the United States and Russia. The fourth episode of Secret Invasion concludes with a tense attempt to rescue the President of the United States, but the question remains: is Talos dead? With this in-depth guide, learn if Talos dies in Secret Invasion Episode 4 at tvacute.com.

‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 4 [Beloved] Recap

Did Talos Die in Secret Invasion Episode 4? Who killed himecret-invasion-episode-4-talos-death

Yes, The former leader of the Skrulls, Talos dies in the fourth episode of Secret Invasion. Talos gets wounded in the shoulder by one of Gravik’s goons in the last seconds of the episode as he attempts to break President Ritson’s car window to save him. Talos manages to break through the glass despite his wounds, but as he loses blood, he turns back into a Skrull.

It is revealed that the British soldier helping them is actually Gravik in disguise just before Nick Fury turns around to save Talos. Talos is killed as Gravik uses a dagger to stab him in the chest. Fury is forced to decide whether to stay with his dying friend or the President at the end of the episode, leaving Talos’s lifeless body behind.

It seems improbable that Talos survived the attack given the circumstances and the lack of time for Talos to evolve into a Super Skrull like G’iah. It is anticipated that G’iah and Fury would be greatly affected by his passing and be inspired to confront and defeat Gravik in the final two episodes of Secret Invasion.

Is G’iah Still Alive in ‘Secret Invasion’ Episode 4?

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