David Makes Man Season 2 Finale Recap – Episode 10 – “Troubled Water”

David Makes Man Season 2 Finale Recap - Episode 10 - “Troubled Water”

David Makes Man‘s second season takes a time leap, but in contrast, David lives every moment with his past. The revisits young David (Akili McDowell) to explore his time at the prestigious high school he dreamed of attending. After opening up to students during his second academic year, he has a traumatic event at the school pool that changes him forever.

He tries to cope with the trauma of his friend’s death, but his most beautiful moment is when he is reunited with his close friend, Serene, whom he hasn’t seen for many years.  And by the end of Season 2, things heat up between Ryan, Desmond, and Teo with adult David. Season 2 of David Makes Man concluded on August 24. Let’s see what happens in the final episode of David Makes Man, when he finds his lost niece.

David Makes Man Season 2 Episode 10 Recap

Adult David (Kwame Patterson) in the red suit of the episode “Trouble the Water” finally opened up to his family and girlfriend Nicole, getting rid of the professional albatross. Modified along with Ville Accommodation. Ready to swim, where he drowns, also finding Young David, David awakens from his nightmare to see his niece Trenise (Trinity Cidel) staring at him. It was just a nightmare. Trenise had run away from home and was still at her place. Trenise said that David’s awkward and awkward silence helped her to talk to him. David, who is well aware of his oddity, smiled and informed Trenise that he could visit her whenever he needed her. He said he should call first. In the bathroom, Adult David finds Young David in the mirror, apologizing to him for the night.

David takes Trinis to her house and an enraged Trisha (Brandi Huzzie) asks her daughter a ton of questions, later asks her to go to her room and keep the keychain handed to Trenise. She confesses to David that she ran away because she feared that her father, JG, would abandon her and her mother. JG sighed, embarrassed. As David talks, Trisha begs David to leave.

Young David (Akili McDowell) was outside the house, full of anger as Trish spoke. He wanted to shout Adult David pacifies young David and hugs him. He asked Young David to sit quietly and take a deep breath. They both laugh at Adult David’s attempts at meditation, and Young David tells his adult self to leave JG’s house before succumbing to deeper concerns. David comforts his inner child in a deep conversation with himself about fear, stress, and sadness.

The next day, David assisted Shella (Zsane Jhe) and other Ville residents in the fight against environmental and bureaucratic red tape. MX. Elijah testified that he used old fertilizer to cultivate the plants on the land, never letting them touch the groundwater. Less than a week later, the municipal board agreed to let the residents stay, while  While David meet with Padilla (Tony Plana). Joe Padilla talks about rebuilt it. David could then leave Padilla’s company and spend time with his family. Soon after, Gloria and Robin announced that they will move away to a bigger and better place. Gloria added a nice touch by offering JG  (Arlen Escarpeta) and Trisha their old abode. MX. Elijah (Travis Coles) also got her prized mahogany. Everyone was happy except David. Everyone goes to celebrate and he was feeling abandoned again. David enjoys an amusement park with Nicole.

Later, when Gloria comes to David’s house to give her houseplants, David wants Gloria to stay with him. David also confesses that he wanted to have Gloria as a mother when he was a child. Gloria said she couldn’t. And apologizes for not being a good mother in the past and says, loved her with all her heart. Gloria encourages David to live his best life and she will do the same.

David Makes Man Season 2 Episode 10 Ending

The next morning, the adult wakes up with David’s renewed energy, with two Davids in red robes running around the water. Stops by the water’s edge, but Young David moves (Akili McDowell) on and walks on the water. and extends his hand to Adult David (Kwame Patterson) . Young David takes a deep breath and moves on, and he also feels like he is walking on the water, both rejoicing and this ends the episode. Does this mean that David is “free” now, if season 3 happens, it will be interesting to see what David’s freedom looks like.

In the tvacute.com view, the show is completely different and interesting, showing how a person’s trauma in his past affects his future, which he holds in his heart. Feels lonely and lost in the crowd, and how he copes with the situation while fighting with himself (Young David). And he himself is a true friend. In the end, he has proved it, man can face his own circumstances.

David Makes Man Season 3

OWN has yet to announce a renewal or cancellation of the series. Though the ratings have been falling for some time now, it is likely that the show will make a comeback with a new version. But for season 3 we may have to wait for some time. And we can expect that ‘David Make Man’ will return in Season 3 2022 or Q3 2022.

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