CW’s Walker Season 1 Episode 11 Recap of “Freedom”

Walker Episode 11 - Photos

Walker Episode 11 titled Freedom” Recap:  A lot happens Hoyt is welcomed on the sidestep. Micki (Lindsey Morgan ) congratulates Gery on Hoyt’s arrival. Cordell tells Hoyt that Gery helped take out Emily’s killer. Stella, on the other hand, is in the car with Trevor (Gavin Casalegno). But everyone feels that she is with her friend Bel (Gabriela Flores). Trevor Stella asks to turn off the phone so that no one can track the location. Both go to a house, he came here as a child. Stella (Violet Brinson) says that she cannot leave her family forever, but Trevor wants to move on. Trevor cites a new beginning by putting money bags in the fireplace and starting a fire. Micki and Cordell ask Twyla about Clint in prison. Trevor is Clint’s son and talks about the cabins.

Stella and Trevor are in the living room shooting Jackson on Trevor. Cordell and Micki arrive. Eventually, Jackson is arrested and has no idea where Trevor is. Cordell asks Stella that she just wants to help Trevor, Micki goes home and Trey (Jeff Pierre) tells that the team has won the states, and the two celebrate. Hoyt sits down on one knee, presents the ring to Gery, and asks her to marry, She telling about Cordell’s kiss. Hoyt still accepts. Gery refuses. Hoyt goes back to Abelin and Bonham’s house. Later Cordell and Stella also reach home. At the end of the episode, Clint is driving a truck on a dirt road.

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