Created by Yulin Kuang I Ship It premieres August 19 on CW

It’s our pleasure to bring you the exclusive first look at the official trailer for Season 1 of based on the 2014 digital short of the same name I Ship It that premieres Monday, August 19 at 9:30/8:30c on The CW.

Based on the 2014 digital short of the same name I Ship It  Trailer

“With heartbreak, wizard rock, a love story, fun editing, and great direction, this 2014 short by Yulin Kuang has everything!” – The Nerdist

About I Ship It 

Ella is a fangirl and aspiring writer. While working at a boutique shipping agency, Ella writes fanfiction for her favorite TV show, “Superstition,” and dreams of one day making her fantasies a reality. She works with her boyfriend, the charming yet albeit-vanilla Tim, and lives next door to him with her best friend Winnie, who shares Ella’s “Superstition” obsession. Ella’s life may not be exciting, but it’s comfortable.

One fateful day, Ella’s actress friend Sasha places a flower delivery order to the showrunner of “Superstition” and Ella seizes the opportunity to not only make the delivery but to visit the set of her favorite show. Ella throws caution to the wind and quits her job to become a writer’s assistant on “Superstition,” and her fangirl fantasies being to collide with reality in unexpected ways, in both her creative life and love life.

I SHIP IT was created by Yulin Kuang and produced by New Form.

It stars Helen Highfield as Ella, Riley Neldam as Tim and Yasmine Al-Bustami as Sasha.  I SHIP IT is

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