Coronavirus has turned homes into schools and parents into teachers

We’ve all just entered a new normal. Some 44 states in the U.S. have announced school closings for weeks or months to limit the spread of the coronavirus. And the United Nations reports that schools have been closed in 156 countries – keeping over 1.4 billion students out of classes. That’s 82 percent of the enrolled students in the world.

Last week, we were laughing about “welcome to the club” memes from homeschooling families. This week, it’s sinking in that these children are going to be home for some time.

It’s not that we lack resources. Within days of the children heading home, the Internet was fairly bursting with sample schedules, free subscriptions to educational websites, virtual field trips, and even art lessons with acclaimed artists.

And while some parents seem to be rising to the challenge with saint-like resilience and strength — already having their kids on an enriching schedule of academics, play and creativity — I am not one of them. Here I am with more than I need to educate my three school-aged kids, but I’m struggling to do it.

In fact, during the latter days of last week, my children mostly watched toy videos on YouTube and consumed snacks, while I tried to clear the brain fog caused by the life-altering changes happening on an hourly basis.

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opinion By Suzanne Hadley Gosselin

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