Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 1 Recap

Chicago Fire Season 12 Premiere Recap: A return, with Taylor Kinney reprising her role as Kelly Severide, and at least one departure, with Alberto Rosende hanging up his firefighter’s gear as Blake Gallo, are both featured in the premiere of the next season of the Chicago procedural that has been on NBC for the longest amount of time. During the beginning of the new season, Firehouse 51 and Firehouse 17 are sharing space. Despite all of the comings and goings, the most important questions that fans want to know are whether or not Mouch (Christian Stolte) survives his cliffhanger surgery and whether or not Brett (Kara Killmer) accepts Casey’s (former star Jesse Spencer) proposal before the new chapter begins.

Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 2: “Call Me Mcholland” Promo

Chicago Fire Season 12 Episode 1 Recap

According to Boden’s narration in the previous section, the profession both unites individuals and causes them to suffer greatly on a personal level. Steam, not smoke, fills the air as Severide gets back in the shower with his wife, setting the stage for a particularly explicit sequence in this series. Herrmann becomes enraged when he sees that someone called Chippy has removed Mouch’s name from his locker. Minutes after that, Mouch comes back. It’s his first day back at work after six months of recovery, and he’s seen Mollys regularly. When their own home is in shambles, Firehouse 17 and 51 move in together.

Gallo plans to go to Detroit so he may be with his newly found extended family. A ring that Sylvie had gotten engaged to gets caught on her locker just before she gets a call. Julia, Casey, and the boys are all represented in the photographs that she keeps in her locker. When a delivery truck catches fire, the entire house is summoned to the scene. The interior is ensnaring a man. When the door is opened, he leaps free, but he’s badly burned. A bridge is in danger from the blazing truck, so the crew acts quickly. Something was wrong with that truck because purple smoke was coming out of it.

Stella thinks the driver might be able to explain it, but Kelly says it’s unlikely because he was there for so long. Just over two weeks remain till Sylvie’s big day. Following that, Sylvie will be relocating to Oregon with Julia. Herrmann isn’t pleased that Kidd wants Ritter to stay on Truck. Cruz recounts a horrific experience of being stuck between two lieutenants. A strategy he employed was to defer decision-making to his lieutenants. While undergoing surgery, the delivery truck driver passed away.

Severide is attempting to rid himself of the scent of the purple smoke, but he is unable. The scent triggers a memory of a house fire for one of the men from Firehouse 17.  At first, they suspected a container of cleaning products, but now they’re not so sure. Kelly wants to investigate, and Kidd starts to worry that arson is his weakness. It took six months to restore trust, and she is still reeling from having to haul him home. As he assures her that they are all in this together, he also mentions Cruz and Carver, assuring her that this time Severide would not conduct chemical experiments in the parking lot.

The lethal combination is discovered by him in a flash. Intentionally starting these fires indicates that someone is attempting to cause harm. Mouch, speaking for the audience, says that things are different now that Gallo and Brett have left as he and Boden catch up. Kylie steps in. The outfit is hers. Now she’s in another firehouse, forging her own path. All she wanted was for Mouch to be back at work. Without Gallo’s sauce, Ritter and Violet are anxious about creating lasagna. The engine was brought to Herrmann’s memory by Ritter. He reminisces fondly as Kidd objects. A neutral environment is necessary for Ritter to decide between the Truck and Engine options. She suggests Violet as a potential plus one for Brett’s wedding when Carver inquires about such an honor.

It appears that Carver and Violet will be implementing the ideas that were made last season based on their criticisms. Regarding the investigation, Severide pays a visit to Van Meter. To gain further understanding of the fire, Van Meter and Severide visit the site of the delivery truck’s wreckage. Among Kelly’s recent absences from OFI, Van Meter mentions hearing from Douglas Smith of the ATF Arson Program that Kelly removed his name from the National Investigator’s List. Kelly has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to join this esteemed company, and Van Meter is crossing his fingers that she seizes it. Kelly discovers a rat trap, which could be an explosive device.

Somebody appears to be going after firemen. After a near-fatal incident on the job and six months of rehabilitation, Mouch returned to find that someone was out to kill firemen. For drills, Kidd gathers the truck. Gallo swings by for his farewell moment after they race with some ladders. This is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter in Gallo’s life. Although it may be difficult, everyone is overjoyed for him to be reuniting with his biological family at the age of 51. After a heartfelt farewell, Riolet and Vitter are urgently summoned to attend to an emergency.

The call comes in regarding a rollover accident that has spilled blood but has not yet claimed a life. His sobriety appears to have saved his life in that horrific event; nobody else could have done it. He is so badly injured and nearly scalped that he is prepared to just return home. A mischievous twinkle in Carver’s eye appears as he thanks Violet following the rescue. The whole firehouse is on high alert. They are on edge every time they hear a siren because they know another firehouse is about to be attacked. At Firehouse 105, Severide is attempting to gather information regarding the fires.

There he learns that Firehouse 17 is the specific target of the arsonist. Following the fire on 17th, everyone has scattered across the city, and the assailant is hot on their heels. Upon re-visiting the scene of the delivery truck explosion, Herrmann recognizes the individual, and Boden quickly follows, removing the cretin from his vehicle. Herrmann, meantime, discovers and opens the box—but he’s dangerously close to it when it goes off. John Alan Webber is the one responsible. A rookie at the age of seventeen, he was a bust eight years ago, and his career has been in freefall ever since. For all his ill fortune, he holds the firemen responsible.

A civilian caught in the crossfire was the victim he murdered, not a firefighter. Due to Herrmann’s heroic actions, Kidd decides to return Ritter to Engine. Ritter’s true feelings on the matter are difficult to discern. How much Violet will miss her, Violet tells Brett. Like with Gallo, she doesn’t want to stifle her emotions. She plans to express her deepest feelings for Sylvie daily. When Ritter returns to the rig, he informs Herrmann of it. The truth is that deep down, he’s just an engine guy. Ritter is concerned that the explosion might knock Herrmann back, but Herrmann insists he will be alright. Stella expresses her pride in Kelly, which brings him joy. It was nice to be back on the arson beat, he says. Without alienating either of them, he would like to retain it in his life. She longs for the day when she can say “Absolutely, go for it,” but the pain remains. The wounds he inflicted during his absence will not heal quickly.

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