(Series Finale) Buried Episode 4 “Memory Wars”

Buried Episode 4

In a Showtime docuseries Buried, Eileen Franklin suddenly remembered her father George rapping and then bludgeoning to death her best friend Susan Nason, which had been a buried memory until then. Eileen and Susan were both eight years old at the time. Franklin’s recollection of the incident led to his arrest and prosecution for a gruesome murder that had gone unsolved for 20 years.  in episode 3 of its trial, members of the Franklin family divulge their darkest secrets regarding their childhood abuse. Denial that Eileen conspired with her sister and mother to convict George is the defense’s purpose. What will take place next? To discover out, we’ll have to dig a little deeper. (www.tvacute.com) Here’s everything you need to know about Buried Episode 4, from the release date to the summary.

Buried S1E4 Synopsis:  All across the country, women start to remember their own repressed memories of long-forgotten trauma. Meanwhile, Eileen becomes convinced her father was involved in other murders. While detectives investigate a new lead, a surprising phone call to the District Attorney changes everything.

Buried Episode 4 “Memory Wars” will release on Oct 31, 2021. Start Streaming This Episode Now on Showtime.

A co-production of MA Productions and Guendelman & Timor Productions, Buried is executive produced by Yotam Guendelman (Shadow of Truth), Mika Timor (Coastal Road Killer), Maor Azran (Beauty and the Baker) and Dan Adler (Noel). It is written and directed by Guendelman and Ari Pines (Shadow of Truth).

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