Big Sky Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: Ending Explained! “A Thin Layer of Rock”

Season three, episode nine of Big Sky Deadly, Sunny (Reba McEntire) At The Diner, And in many respects, that was almost her life’s work. She has developed her own strategies to be the mother she wanted to be for Walter because she was unable to be there for him as a child. The Meredith revelation was disappointing. In the end, she simply got married and changed her name, and that was it. we were very certain that there would be a significant cliffhanger. The only questions that remained were what kind of cliffhanger it would be and who would be affected by it. ( Here is all the information you require on the conclusion of the Fall Finale of Big Sky Season 3 Episode 10. 

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Big Sky Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

The episode starts with Paige approaching Sunny over a campfire and telling her that she is okay because of her son. She was saved by Walter, who took her in. Sunny explains that Walter confessed to killing her and is currently incarcerated. According to Paige, it wasn’t in the plan for him to act in that way. She first needs her bag since it contains her journal, which she needs. If it has anything to do with the money she stole, Sunny wants to know. In exchange for assistance getting Walter out, Paige promises to help her get her journal. Austin and Skylar are getting married. There is Deputy Poppernak, who presents himself to Natalie, one of the bridesmaids. Help is being yelled for, and as Skylar, who has blood all over her, emerges from the house, she announces that Austin has been killed and is dead.

Informing Walter of their discovery that he murdered his family in a house fire twenty years prior, Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick) and Beau Arlen (Jensen Ackles) go in to visit him. They weren’t his parents, he claims. Did they also kill Meredith, the little girl Beau claims lived in that house? The people who damaged her more than he did, according to Walter, are the reason he released her. Beau doesn’t believe Walter when he claims he has been in the woods the entire time; he believes someone has been assisting him. When Jenny brings up Sunny and Buck (Rex Linn), Walter advises leaving Sunny out of the conversation. Cassie (Kylie Bunbury) speculates that Paige may not be dead because they don’t have a body as Beau, Jenny, and her debate the case. She is also looking for Meredith. When Jenny receives a call about the wedding murder, she answers, and Beau and Cassie stay. Sunny enters the house with some water and nibbles. When Buck enters and inquires as to why she was at the campgrounds, she replies that she was cleaning up. She took the saddles from him. She responds “yes” when he inquires whether that is everything. She was promised that they would put Paige and Walter behind them, he says. The water and food in her purse are then revealed as he gives her a hug.’

Jenny shows up at the ceremony. Austin Chambers, the victim, is a 28-year-old man, and Skylar Sharpe, the groom-to-be, discovered the body with the photographer. Early in the morning, before the wedding party arrived, is when the death occurred. Additionally, the victim and Skylar’s father had a heated argument the previous evening. Jenny claims that it appears as though he was struck by a sharp object. Something tells Poppernak that this one won’t be simple, he claims. Denise informs Cassie, Beau, and Emily that there is nothing on Meredith that she can locate. Denise suspects that she might have changed her identity, so they search the name change database. They do discover a Meredith Levinson who changed her name to Madeline Lowe and who is still alive. Poppernak advises Jenny to disregard the calls she receives from blocked numbers because they are persistent.

Eli, the bride’s father, is holding up a conversation with Poppernak and Jenny. Eli requests that they move quickly since he needs to see his daughter. The argument was over money; Austin had forced his daughter to sign a prenup at the last minute, but he didn’t like it. Skylar stopped smiling after her mother passed away, he claims, and Austin was excellent for her even if he didn’t like his family. When Sunny sees Tonya and Donna, she lets them know that Paige is still alive. She desires their assistance in getting Paige her fifteen million dollars, which she will then split with them. They will receive the journal, claims Tonya. Sunny claims that if they want that money, they must work together. Sunny responds that it is her business when Tonya asks what Sunny stands to gain. Sunny is informed by Sonya that she and Donna are not persons with whom she should tamper. Sunny firmly grasps Tonya’s hand and states the same.

When Poppernak and Jenny interview Skylar, she claims that her father wouldn’t do this and that she cares more about something more precious, like a dinosaur than the prenup. When Austin asked her to sign the prenup, that is when she first learned about the fossil. After the ceremony, he planned to expose the fossil and give it her name. He had to consult a friend because he didn’t know anything about dinosaurs. In order to speak with Madeline about the home fire, Beau and Cassie go to her residence. When she claims that Walter is in custody, she learns that the persons who perished in the fire were not her parents. She admits that Walter set the fire off, but she only ever knew a loving and compassionate Walter. Her adoptive parents were hungry and mistreated while living in that house, and Walter did what he did to help them escape. His birth mother, who had red hair, gathered them up and advised her to change her name and stop looking back.

No matter what happens, Avery (Henry Ian Cusick) wants Carla to know that he loves her. He tells her this over the phone. He says that he has something to do and that he will set things right after getting into trouble. He will take whatever action is necessary to keep her and Emily safe. The only thing that matters is for her to know that he loves her. He terminates the call. Sunny is lying to Buck, he knows it. Paige is inside and she is terrified, so he goes out to the campsite and yells out to check if anyone is there. Buck notices her when she peeks out. Jenny visits the dig site where the dinosaur was discovered, is shoved into a hole, and swiftly turns while aiming her rifle. Carson Price, Austin’s best man, is the individual who shoved the woman. The site is still secret, and they are keeping an eye on it, he claims, so he believed she was trespassing. He takes her to the dig site where she can see the T-Rex bones. According to Carson, this was just a side job. Nobody can corroborate Carson’s allegation that he was asleep in his room when Austin was shot. Carla phones Beau and asks him to go to Avery’s hotel because she believes something terrible has happened.

The suspect wore a jacket with a reflective button on it, and Jenny claims Carson had a jacket like that. One of the florist’s staff members saw someone come out of Austin’s room and the incident fits the timing of the murder. Paige is not present when Sunny brings Donna and Tonya to the campsite to meet with her. Sunny is threatened by Tonya, who then orders Donna to go get Paige. When Jenny informs Carson that he was seen leaving Austin’s room, he denies responsibility and says he knows who else could have done it. Skylar’s bridesmaid Natalie was having fun with Austin. Poppernak speculates that Jenny’s behavior may have been motivated by jealousy, but Jenny has a different theory.

Cormack, who is with Cassie, claims to be still digesting the fact that Walter is his half-brother after learning about it yesterday. His mother has been lying to him all of his life, yet she is still his mother. He is unsure of what to do. She exhorts him to act morally. Whatever she discovers, he assures her that he is his own man. When Beau gets to Avery’s house, he notices the rifle and the bullets. Skylar is discovered by Jenny and Poppernak at the dinosaur dig site; she is holding a hammer, and Natalie is visible in a hole with dirt on her. She is calmed down by Poppernak, who then handcuffs her and puts her on the ground. Skylar says she’s sorry as Jenny enters the area to see whether Natalie is still alive. Natalie is.

Big Sky Season 3 Episode 10 Recap Ending Explained

Jenny takes a chance and stops by Beau’s trailer with a six-pack of beer even though it is late. Beau is anxious about Avery, so he asked Carla and Emily over to protect them when they pulled up. When Jenny turns around to go, she finds Beau hugging Carla and makes her excuses. Avery calls and requests a higher finders fee as well as protection for his family. He is attempting to deal with the incorrect parties; they will not negotiate. When Jenny gets home, she notices that the front door is open and that there are garments with blood on them. She screams, “What the heck,” followed by “mom,” and she appears to be inconsolable. Buck is standing above Paige, who is imprisoned, ductile another mouth, and trying to break free. He tells her he doesn’t know why she thought staying would be a smart decision. He answers the doorbell to find Cassie at the door, who says she wants to talk. Buck, who is standing on the other side of the door, is holding a large knife. The door is then slowly opened by Buck, who is seen doing so.

“Big Sky: Deadly Trails” Episode 11 on Wednesday, January 2023 at 10/9con ABC.

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