Becoming Elizabeth Episode 2 Recap; Ending Explained

Becoming Elizabeth Episode 2 Recap; Ending Explained

After introducing each main character in Episode 1 of ‘Becoming Elizabeth’, the show moves on to stir up trouble for all of the characters. Previously, there had been conflicting on the outside, with Lord Protector fighting Scotland. The second episode of ‘Becoming Elizabeth’ is one of the best period drama episodes. The three sisters’ connection becomes increasingly convoluted, and we now meet a new Elizabeth. One with more substance. In this episode, Mary Tudor and Edward I have a falling out, bringing the war and instability closer to home. While the latter wishes to assert his power, Mary determines it is time for her to claim the crown. Elizabeth is unable to make a decision without being swayed by others. However, in the end, she makes a decision that has ramifications for not just her own future but also the futures of other significant characters.

Becoming Elizabeth Episode 2 Recap

The second episode of ‘Becoming Elizabeth’ begins with Thomas Seymour (Tom Cullen) tearing through Chelsea. before barging into Princess Elizabeth’s room. Thomas, who is only half-dressed, doesn’t seem to mind if Princess Elizabeth is also half-dressed. Later, Thomas flirts with Elizabeth excessively and tells her she’s gotten into his head. Kat cautions Elizabeth that, while it may seem unjust, she will be held accountable for Thomas’ unseemly behavior. Her ladies are alarmed, but Elizabeth finds it amusing. When she notices Jane Grey staring at Robert Dudley and his brother from a distance, she indulges her. Before joining King Edward for a play, Catherine Parr (Jessica Raine) has a private conversation with Princess Elizabeth. Catherine apologizes for upsetting Elizabeth by marrying Thomas, and she is concerned that the young princess now has a negative image of her

After being offended by a joke at the court, Princess Mary decides to accept Spain’s offer after all. She tries to persuade Princess Elizabeth to join her, reminding her of their mother’s destiny and cautioning her about Catherine and Thomas’ plans for her. Princess Mary’s Catholicism becomes a source of concern for King Edward, who demands that she convert. This encourages Mary to seek out supporters and launch a bid for the crown, trapping Elizabeth in the middle.

While Princess Elizabeth is advised by Robert not to choose a side, Catherine and Thomas do everything they can to keep her at Chelsea, especially after they learn that Princess Mary has requested Elizabeth to stay with her. While Catherine uses a gentle attitude and enlightening chats to gain Elizabeth’s trust, Thomas Seymour takes a different method. He becomes more forceful in his approach to Elizabeth. She first refuses to give in to him, fearful that it may tarnish her reputation and ultimately to her death. But, in the end, she succumbs to Thomas’s seduction.

What Happened at the End of Episode 2 of Becoming Elizabeth?

If Elizabeth is to survive her time at the English court, she must make decisions at every stage. Edward VI, her brother, becomes increasingly rigid about faith, almost to the point of fanaticism. Mary, her sister, is a firm believer in God. This causes a conflict between them, and Elizabeth, no matter how much she dislikes it, is forced to choose a side. She finally makes her decision after a lot of back and forth during the program.

Princess Mary writes Princess Elizabeth a letter before leaving the court and traveling to Framlingham Castle, asking for her support in her religion. She wants Elizabeth to speak with Edward about enabling her to continue to practice Catholicism without constraint. While Princess Elizabeth is sympathetic to Mary, she is undecided about what she should do next. She doesn’t understand why Edward would take such harsh measures, but she is becoming increasingly aware of how others are attempting to manipulate her. In the end, she must watch out for herself, and she considers her current situation to be relatively safe.

While Princess Elizabeth seemed to have made up her mind on her own, there is no doubt that her attraction to Thomas Seymour had a factor. Seymour has an uncanny ability to seduce people into giving him what he wants. When Catherine protests the Lord Protector’s loss of her jewels, he acts accordingly. When Elizabeth rejects his initial approach and he learns that she is considering leaving Chelsea for Princess Mary, he gets more assertive.

At midnight, he goes to Elizabeth’s room and brings her to the empty study. He showers her with compliments, specifically after the hunting incident in which Elizabeth killed a deer by herself. Elizabeth’s her best efforts to remain away from him. She understands that being with Thomas Seymour will put her in a dangerous scenario and put her in danger of dying the same way her mother did. Her decision to remove all support from Mary is a far more significant result of her late-night conversation with Seymour.

She writes to Princess Mary’s letter the next morning, stating that she has no intentions of speaking with Edward about her. She goes against the counsel of her trusty governess in doing so. Princess Elizabeth also pays a visit to the King, and she resolves to take action ahead of time in case he suspects her of being disorderly. She informs him that her ties with Mary have been severed, and she will no longer be supporting her faith. This draws the line for Elizabeth in terms of her allegiances.

Princess Mary rushes out of the church, and Edward Seymour grabs the letter right away. Princess Elizabeth tells King Edward that she is praying for her sister to convert so that she can be rescued. Instead of responding, King Edward appears to repeat the same prayer.

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