Josh Duhamel’s ‘Bandit’ 2021 Movie – Everything You need to Know

Bandit 2021 Movie

 Transformers Star, Josh Duhamel, Nestor Carbonell, and Mel Gibson will be starring in the upcoming film Bandit (2021). The film, which tells the story about ‘The Flying Bandit,’ a man who escaped with 63 jewelry and bank heists, is one of the most anticipated films of the year. According to Variety, the new Bandit movie is currently being sold by Highland Film Group at Cannes. Allan Ungar directs the movie. The script was written by Kraig Wenman based on Robert Knuckle’s bestseller and journalist Ed Arnold’s interviews with Gilbert Galvan Jr. Bandit 2021 Movie release date not yet decided Read more articles with Take the first glimpse of Josh Duhamel from the upcoming Bandit movie below.

What About The Story of Bandit 2021?

Based on the true story of the Flying Bandit, who successfully got away with 63 bank and jewelry heists during his crime spree, “Bandit” tells the tale of the career criminal (Josh Duhamel), who escapes from a U.S. prison and crosses the border into Canada, assuming a new identity. After falling in love and getting married, he claims to take a job as a traveling security consultant and his crimes continue. Only when he turns to lifetime gangster Tommy (Mel Gibson) for investment, does his simple career become complicated and he becomes embroiled in the biggest job in Canadian history and at the center of a special forces cross-country manhunt.

Bandit 2021 Movie Cast

Josh Duhamel as Gilbert Galvan
Mel Gibson as Tommy
Elisha Cuthbert as Andrea
Nestor Carbonell as Snydes
Olivia d’Abo as Linda
Swen Temmel as Hoffman
Rachael Markarian as Cute Clerk
Dylan Flashner as Bishop
Chiara D’Ambrosio as Jill
Burns Burns as Lawyer
Spence Maughon as Instructor
David A.L. Venable as Salesman
Jacobi Hollingshed as Academy Cop
Bryan Ringenberg as French Teller

First Look at Josh Duhamel from the new Bandit movie

With fans of Duhamel eagerly waiting for his look from the film, they got their first glimpse of Duhamel from the upcoming crime drama thriller.  Duhamel’s first look was released by the news outlet, which was later also seen on photographer Jesse Korman’s Instagram profile. In the photo, Josh Duhamel, as the Flying Bandit, was seen making a call from a telephone booth. He is wearing a checkered suit with a white shirt and printed tie in the photo.


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