Back to the Outback Release Date – Parental Review of the film Back to the Outback

‘back to the outback

This Christmas season, Netflix Family has a whole new original animated movie for families. The Baby-Sitters Club, Bridgerton, and Cobra Kai are just a handful of the great movies and TV shows available on Netflix right now. But are we in for a memorable outback experience or a dull animal ride?  It’s a cute animated storey about reptiles escaping an Australian zoo.

Back to the Outback follows four cute Australian animals (and one selfish koala) who decide to live without the sneering, gawping humans’ approval. This lovely animated film will be available on Netflix or in theatres beginning December 10.

“Back to the Outback,” directed by Clare Knight and Harry Cripps, is one of a long line of animated films about animals; the considerably superior “Finding Nemo” even used Australia as a backdrop. However, despite the film’s unoriginal premise, there is humour in its details and warmth in its message. The Ugly Secret Society, a group of ingenious misfits who promise to safeguard fellow “ugly” species, is the film’s most clever running gag —a deus ex machina that, like the rest of “Back to the Outback,” is unexpectedly sympathetic.

Parental review of the film Back to the Outback


Is Back to the Outback suitable for children? Netflix’s Back to the Outback movie is a nice length for kids to watch, with a runtime of 1 hour 35 minutes. With the added benefit of being able to stream from home, having a pause button on hand will come in handy for families with young children or toddlers. Despite the fact that Back to the Outback appears to be sweet and cuddly, the film’s substance makes me concerned about the age grade.

What age is recommended for watching Back to the Outback, according to this mum movie critic?

I don’t think the PG-13 rating adequately covers anything. Because of the language, violence, adult themes, and unclear messaging, I recommend Back to the Outback for older youngsters, at least 7-8 years old. I don’t want my 8-year-old daughter to be confused about what is deemed attractive or unattractive.

Meet the Dangerously Cute Characters of Back To The Outback 🐍

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