Arcane Season 2 Release Date: What Can We Expect From Season 2 of Arcane?

Arcane, the blockbuster animated series, stunned the world. The spin-off series, based on the popular Riot PC game League of Legends, has the potential to be as huge a flop as Warcraft (based on the also popular game World of Warcraft). a whopping nine Annie nominations for 2022 and has spent weeks at the top of Netflix’s most-watched English-language series list.

This success can be owed to young writers Christian Linke and Alex Lee, who brought the stories of sisters and League champions Vi and Jinx to life via their love of the characters and years of working in the game’s background. you’ve got one of the most popular shows of 2021. Riot revealed there would be a Season 2. when Season 1 finished, which was unsurprising. So, what can anticipate for Arcane Season 2?

Arcane Season 2 Release Date

Arcane Season 2 will be available on Netflix, with the possibility of an episode being aired on Twitch. However, we all know it’s not going to happen anytime soon. Season 2 has just been officially “in production” since November 2021, according to the Arcane official Twitter account. With merely a brief teaser trailer, it’s also been confirmed that the show will not be released in 2022; at best, we may expect a release in 2023.

We also don’t know what the episodes will be called or when they’ll be released, but we can guess they’ll be distributed in batches of three episodes over three weekends, similar to Season 1. But don’t get too depressed. Arcane isn’t the only narrative Riot hopes to pursue with Studio Fortiche, according to Shauna Spenley, Riot’s global head of entertainment. This isn’t surprising, given that League of Legends has 158 champions and counting, many of whom have overlapping storylines. She also hinted at the possibility of live-action films. So whatever they do next, you can be sure it will be huge, bold, and spectacular.

Arcane Season 2 Cast

The core ensemble of Arcane Season 1 is expected to return for Season 2, though it’s unclear whether Jason Spisak will reprise his role as Silco in any fashion. Season 1’s final scene indicates that new characters will be introduced, but we can expect to see Hailee Steinfeld as Vi, Ella Purnell as Powder/Jinx, Kevin Alejandro as Jayce Talis, Katie Leung as Caitlyn Kiramman, Harry Lloyd as Viktor, Toks Olagundoye as Mel Medarda, Reed Shannon as Ekko, and Mick Wingert as Heimerdinger. We may also hopefully welcome Brett Tucker as Singed for the first time, despite the fact that he was never properly named in Season 1.


What Happened in the First Season of Arcane?

Arcane is a story about two cities: Piltover, a prosperous utopia, and Zaun, a poisoned, sleazy undercity. The two cities, separated by the River Pilt and connected only by bridges, fight frequently as the Zaunites struggle to make ends meet while the wealthy Piltover people, led by Councilor Mel Medarda, focus their efforts on innovation. Enter Vi (Hailee Steinfield) and Powder (Ella Purnell), two sisters whose parents were killed by the Piltover Police during a riot and taken in by Vander, a nice, burly boxing barkeep.

When Vander is kidnapped by the Zaunite crime lord Silco, an ill-fated rescue operation sees a young Powder mistakenly kill Vander and two of her companions while attempting to aid. For years, this divides the sisters and sends them down quite divergent paths. As her acts mentally disfigure her, Powder joins Silco as a daughter figure and adopts the moniker ‘Jinx.’ Vi makes an unexpected alliance with Caitlyn (Katie Leung), a member of the Piltover police, and all the while, a young innovator named Jayce (Kevin Alejandro) is establishing a name for himself in politics and the deadly art of fusing magic and technology.

What Can We Expect From Season 2 of Arcane?

Arcane closed with a startling shot of an emotionally broken Jinx shooting a rocket towards the council room, which housed Piltover’s smartest and most powerful minds (barring our beloved furry friend – Heimerdinger), including Councilor Medarda. Given how brutal the first season was, we can only presume that there will be e deaths in this season. Mel, we think, will take the bullet over Jayce, since he has a lot more tale left in him. And what about his lover? That sounds like it might get a little hot.

Vi and Caitlyn are alive and well, as far as we know. We can only speculate on where their relationship may go, both as a possible pairing and how that will affect Jinx, who was less than delighted to be replaced in Season 1. Some fans may anticipate seeing Urgot in the upcoming season after the 2020 League of Legends champion cinematic, which was set to the music of Imagine Dragons’ song “Warriors” and featured the original Vi/Caitlyn teaming up against him in a familiar location.

Viktor has returned to his undercity roots and has reconnected with the crazy scientist Singed, who we may expect to be given more screen time in the coming season. Anyone knowledgeable with the game’s backstory understands that Viktor is only going to get stronger now that he’s been imbued with the arcane. We can only wait (impatiently) to see how the rest of his story is put up by the writers. Ekko and Heimerdinger have teamed up, and we should expect more vigilante action from Ekko’s posse, possibly supported by the councilor himself.

Now for some fan theories: despite the fact that we only have a teaser clip, eager-eared fans believe they can hear Warwick’s heartbeat in the background. Warwick is a humanoid-wolf creation of Singed’s, and many fans believe that considering his demonstrated resurrection abilities, Singed will use Vander as his base for the beast. We can only speculate on how this might connect to Vi and Jinx’s stories.

Singed was also seen looking at a picture of a young girl who resembles Piltover game character Orianna, a clockwork woman in League of Legends, according to some fans. This, however, would necessitate some tinkering on Riot’s part with the game’s vast mythology (but they have done it before). Zeri, a fellow Zaunite and prospective ally of Ekko, has just been launched as a champion in the game, and she, like Ekko, has intrinsic magical talents that the show might explore.

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