American Born Chinese Ending, Explained: What Happens To Wei Chan And Jin?

American Born Chinese Ending – “‘American Born Chinese,’ now available on Disney+, is an entertaining action comedy created by Kelvin Yu and adapted from Gene Luen Yang’s popular graphic novel of the same name. Ben Wang, Jimmy Liu, Daniel Wu, and Michelle Yeoh lead an ensemble cast featuring several exceptional actors, such as Jin Wang and Wei-Chen, two high school students who feel like outcasts and are embroiled in an epic struggle between mythical gods.

Jin and Wei-Chen must embrace their true heritage to counter evil forces and protect the world. As viewers engage with the series, they will undoubtedly want to know whether Jin and Wei-Chen succeed in fulfilling their respective roles. ‘American Born Chinese’ offers plenty of closure, so if you have been curious about the outcome, I have all the information for you.

american born chinese Plot Summary

“American Born Chinese” Plot Summary: What Is The Series About?

“American Born Chinese” tells an engaging tale as Chow Yun-fat plays Jin Wang, who embarks on an adventurous journey into the West by taking Sun Wukong (Monkey King)’s magical staff and travelling alone. Jin, an ordinary American teenager born to Chinese immigrants, daydreams about Amelia, with whom he has an infatuation, while joining their school soccer team and going on dates with her. However, when Wei-Chen, a Chinese exchange student from Beijing, enters Jin’s school, his life turns unexpectedly. Despite her attempts at friendship with Wei-Chen’s positive mannerisms, Jin finds himself disillusioned by Wei-Chen’s bold personality, despite Wei-Chen’s attempts at befriending Jin instead.

Due to his disagreements with Wei-Chen, Jin is dismissed from his school soccer team and becomes the subject of an internet meme. Meanwhile, while Jin works to improve his social life, Simon and Christine Wang are experiencing marital difficulties. Wei-Chen later reveals himself to be Sun Wukong’s son by taking his magic staff to prevent Bull Demon King Niu Mowang from inciting an uprising against Heaven by searching for the Fourth Scroll, which Wei-Chen believes Jin may hold the key to.

Jin is at first troubled by the challenges of high school life, yet his relationship with Wei-Chen slowly develops after Wei-Chen unveils his true nature. However, Niu Mowang begins attacking Guanyin as Wei-Chen’s protector and shattering her magical mirror. Niu Mowang then defeats him and seizes Sun Wukong’s magic staff. Eventually, Ji Gong informs Wei-Chen that The Fourth Scroll has been scattered in the mortal realm and contains Sutras of Power within them, making them malleable forms, which allows Niu Mowang to defeat Wei-Chen and seize Sun Wukong’s staff. Finally, Ji Gong informs Wei-Chen of The Scholar, informing him that The Fourth Scroll had been scattered with Sutras of Power within it, making its form malleable in nature.

Wei-Chen discovers that the Fourth Scroll was made of jade carved by feuding families and that Christine’s pendant is itself part of it. Unfortunately, Ji Gong (aligning with Niu Mowang) beats him to it and steals Christine’s pendant away from him. Jin’s parents debate over her loss before Jin challenges Ji Gong to a fight, in which he ultimately defeats Ji Gong. This altercation further strains relations between Jin and Wei-Chen, while Niu Mowang (whom Sun Wukong once trusted) severely injures the Monkey King and attacks him.

As Wei-Chen attempts to use his pendant to heal his father, he realizes it has no effect. At that moment, Guanyin appears in Jin’s vision, explaining his part in Heaven’s war against Niu Mowang. Moved by this revelation, Jin accepts his destiny and joins Wei-Chen in fighting the Bull Demon King before it’s too late. Although without the magic staff and Fourth Scroll, they face an uphill struggle as Niu Mowang uses its powers against them and attempts to use the magic staff to destroy Heaven itself. Both will need their strength to succeed against Niu Mowang and prevent the destruction of Heaven.

What Is The Supernatural Background Of The Series

What is the Background story of the Show’s Supernatural Element?

Many of us may be familiar with the classic tale Journey to the West, featuring Sun Wukong – commonly called the Monkey King or Great Sage. His figure has provided much inspiration for contemporary fiction writers. “American Born Chinese” takes an alternate narrative stance by suggesting that Niu Mowang (commonly called the Bull Demon) initiated his journey. Long ago, when Sun Wukong was still just an ordinary monkey and hadn’t yet become the Great Sage, he joined Mowang at an unofficial celestial business gathering.

Mowang harboured ambitious aspirations but lacked the confidence to pursue them. Sun Wukong encouraged Mowang by accompanying him. Wukong was his loyal best friend who constantly encouraged Mowang to become more outgoing and even helped set up for Mowang’s success in an event which Wukong himself did not participate. Wukong took bold action to shake off his audience’s false sense of superiority by boldly taking to the stage and giving an impressive speech, prompting the current Great Sage to recognize Wukong as his rightful successor. This change in dynamics strained Mowang and Wukong’s friendship over time.

As peace returned, Wukong led his group on their trek Westward. While prophecies predicted its reappearance shortly before the end of time, its destruction by Buddha rendered this prophecy impossible. Mowang continues to battle against the Great Sage for what he perceives to be his rightful inheritance. Wukong’s son, Wei-Chen, experiences a recurring dream wherein a crane tells him he will be guided towards the fourth scroll in a way that will end their rebellion against Heaven. Believing Jin, whom he encountered in his dream, to be his guide, Wei-Chen follows his intuition and travels down to Earth, where he eventually meets Jin.

What Happens To Wei Chan And Jin
American Born Chinese
Credit: Disney+

What Happens To Wei Chan And Jin?

Jin has been dealing with severe internal conflicts concerning his heritage and cultural background. The subtle yet pervasive prejudice he faces has left him feeling insecure. Constantly seeking approval from his white classmates has created low self-esteem in him. At this time, he meets Wei-Chen, who exudes self-assurance and pride. Wei-Chen wishes to become Jin’s friend, seeing himself as his mentor. However, Jin remains uncertain as spending time with Wei-Chen draws him closer to his Chinese heritage, which he has yet to embrace and acknowledge fully.

Meanwhile, Wei-Chen faces obstacles as his celestial relatives strive to bring him back. However, Wei-Chen stands his ground against them and even confronts his father head-on. Guanyin, the Goddess of Compassion, provides invaluable assistance as Wei-Chen strives to realise his ambitions.

Jin discovers Wei-Chen’s true identity when he witnesses him battling one of his father’s magical creatures. However, before telling Jin the truth about himself, Wei-Chen helps guide Jin through his soccer team initiation rituals. Wei-Chen’s bravery and devotion inspire Jin, so he joins his quest. But before Jin can help, Mowang takes Wei-Chen’s staff away, leading Wukong to transport his son directly into Heaven. Wukong allows Wei-Chen to return to Earth after hearing of his desire to pursue a path distinct from his father’s. While Wei-Chen only spent several hours here, Jin devoted an entire month to studying what had been learned.

After they realize the fourth scroll could come in many forms and has an intricate history, they renew their search by seeking out the exiled monk Ji Gong. Wei-Chen recalls wearing his mother’s pendant, which sparks their interest. However, Ji Gong seizes it before Wei-Chen can use it. Jin plans to show it to his parents, but Wei-Chen quickly retrieves it for himself, causing an argument between Wei-Chen and Jin that ultimately leads nowhere.

Guanyin takes Wei-Chen’s pendant to a specialist in heavenly stones and discovers it does not have its intended effects. Wukong attempts to shield his son from Mowang’s assault in search of the fourth scroll but sustains serious injuries himself in doing so. Wei-Chen becomes devastated at this turn of events as it appears their efforts may have been in vain, and Wukong may have perished altogether. Wei-Chen questions why he travelled all this way if no such scroll exists. While no guarantee can ensure his dreams come true, even Guanyin had hoped so, as they had expected it all along.

american born chinese disney plus Ending

“American Born Chinese” Ending Explained

At his wit’s end, Jin turns to his trusted friend Anuj, knowing he can count on him to believe his extraordinary tale and offer assistance to both himself and Wei-Chen. Anuj proves his faith justified when he realizes many fiction authors have written stories featuring Monkey King characters similar to their current predicament. With Wei-Chen’s guidance, they learn to differentiate truth from rumors and create a plan.

On game day itself, they plan a cosplay show as part of a scheme intended to draw Mowang, who owns Jingu Bang, into their plan. By organizing cosplay shows featuring Mowang, they incorporate various aspects of their current predicament into stories. Wei-Chen helps them distinguish truth from fiction authors’ depictions of Monkey King characters. They organize a cosplay show on soccer game day as part of their scheme.

The autumn equinox marks a period when communication between our world and that of celestial beings is relatively smooth. Mowang intends to use his staff’s power against Heaven, so it becomes paramount for his allies to retrieve it quickly to avert a potential disaster. Jin disguises himself as the Bull Demon and provokes Mowang into making an appearance, forcing Wukong back onto the scene.

Everyone fights together against Mowang in subsequent battles, and Wukong makes his comeback to ensure victory. However, should Mowang successfully plant his staff, its incredible power would soar, enabling him to achieve his ultimate goal? At this defining historical moment, Jin summons up the courage to act on instinct alone, sacrificing himself to thwart an assault against Heaven itself. Unbeknownst to him, Jin’s selfless act unwittingly reveals his true identity as the fourth scroll to the world, even if only some recognize its significance. Season 2 should provide enough context for this narrative development to continue unfolding.

At the conclusion of Season 1 of “American Born Chinese,” Mowang is taken up to Heaven to speak with the Jade Emperor, while Wei-Chen promises Jin that they will uncover all the necessary information before parting ways. Unfortunately, their journey does not stop here. Upon returning home, Jin finds out his parents have disappeared while an unknown woman waits on his couch, waiting to make a demand. This mystery will be fully revealed in Season 2.

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