Alone Season 8 Winner Name Revealed- Who will take home the prize in Alone Season 8 Finale

Alone Season 8 Winner

After surviving 74 days in the grizzly bear-infested woods of Chilko Lake, British Columbia, Clay Hayes, a wildlife researcher turned professional bowyer, is the victor of Alone season 8. He battled a charging grizzly, hunted a mountain lion, and was the only contender to shoot a deer despite the bitter cold and hunger. He ate its heart first, then smoked and dried its meat for jerky, fashioned a chair out of its skin, and wore its head like a cap. But, of all the challenges Clay faced, his most formidable foe was ultimately himself.

Alone Season 8 Episode 11 aired on 19 August 2021 at 9:30/8:30c On History.

For those unfamiliar with the show, Alone is one of the most punishing reality series on television. Each season, wilderness professionals compete to survive in various harsh locales, and this year’s challenge featured the ever-present bears near Chilko Lake, which proved to be one of the show’s most daring and deadly. Each participant must camp in total solitude with only ten items, including a photography kit, bear spray, and an emergency GPS for tapping out. Each week, participants must pass medical tests and a fast interview to demonstrate that they are healthy enough to continue, with the winner receiving $500,000. Clay outlasted his final opponent for 74 days, but he believes he could have lasted weeks longer if necessary.

While Clay’s wins will help support his wife and two sons, participating on Alone was more than simply a chance to earn half a million dollars. The outdoorsman reflects on what he learned, what he hopes to teach his kid and viewers at home through his performance, and how he overcame the most difficult obstacle of all: his own mind, in the video below.

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