Alone Season 10 Episode 5 Recap: Who tapped out?

The final six survivalists in this episode of Alone, season 10, episode five, “Spirit Bear,” continue their quest in the isolated islands surrounding Reindeer Lake in Northern Saskatchewan. In this episode, the featured survivalists are Alan Tenta, Cade Cole, James “Wyatt” Black, and Mikey Hilton. The survivalists struggle physically and emotionally throughout the episode, relying on their coping mechanisms and mental toughness to persevere. Their individual hardships, resourcefulness, and ongoing struggle for survival in a tough wilderness setting are highlighted in this episode.  ( We have a recap of Alone Season 10 Episode 5 in case you missed the exciting conclusion.

Alone Season 10 Episode 6 Recap

Alone Season 10 Episode 5 Recap

Alan Tenta, a 51-year-old Canadian from Columbia Valley, BC, concentrates on finishing a gill net so he can catch food. To get ready for winter, he also builds a door that is highly insulated. Despite obstacles like empty nets and dwindling food supplies, Alan manages to catch a number of lake trout, giving him much-needed sustenance.

Mikey Hilton, a 32-year-old from Rome, Georgia, concentrates on enhancing his home to endure the cold. Additionally, he places traps to collect mice for sustenance, and when successful, he prepares and eats a field mouse. Mikey is persistent and resourceful despite his restricted food alternatives.

When James “Wyatt” Black, a 51-year-old Canadian from Ontario, loses his gold Hellfire lure and two treble hooks while fishing, it is a setback. He adjusts his approach and makes a replacement bait called “gold fury,” but is, even more, let down when it again disappears in the lake. Despite these obstacles, Wyatt is tenacious and committed to winning the contest.

The 27-year-old Cade Cole from Crowheart, Wyoming, struggles to get food and loses weight. Cade still struggles, despite his efforts to hunt squirrels and scale trees for protein. On day 23, he falls due to physical symptoms and a general feeling of weakness. He is unconscious for 57 minutes before coming to. Cade, who has been emotionally destroyed, decides to withdraw from the contest, citing his tiredness and the loss of his arrows as major setbacks to his survival strategy.

Alone Season 10: Meet the Contestants

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