What We Know So Far About “All Of Us Are Dead” Release Date, Cast, And Plot

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Netflix is producing a zombie series called “All of Us Are Dead,” based on the Korean webtoon “Now at Our School,” according to Deadline in April 2020. Southeast Asia has embraced the digital comic. The series was written by Chun Sung-il and directed by Lee JQ and Kim Nam-su.

The success of Zack Snyder’sArmy of the Dead,” the impending prequel “Planet of the Dead,” and the ever-expanding “Walking Dead” universe show that zombies aren’t going away in America. “All of Us Are Dead” will join Netflix’s other Korean zombie series, “Kingdom,” which debuted in Season 1 in 2019 and revolves around a plague that reincarnates the dead.

According to Deadline, anyone suffering from zombie weariness should still watch “All of Us Are Dead” since Netflix promises a “new interpretation.” Read on to learn everything there is to know about “All of Us Are Dead,” including the premiere date, actors, and plot.

When can we expect the release of All of Us Are Dead?

“All of Us Are Dead” is the most recent addition to Netflixs blitzkrieg of Korean programming. “All of Us Are Dead” is set to launch on Netflix in January 2022, however, no specific date has been set. “All of Us Are Dead” is one of several Netflix original series set to premiere in January. After a two-year layoff, Part 1 of “Ozark’s” fourth and final season starts on January 21, providing fierce competition for a newcomer. Hopefully, the series will arrive in the new year sooner rather than later.

Who is in the All of Us Are Dead cast?

Variety named “All of Us Are Dead” as a Korean drama to watch in 2022, predicting that the coming-of-age story with a twist might launch the worldwide careers of several of the show’s youthful performers. Several actors in the cast are well-known. Lee Yoo-mi, who starred as Ji-Yeong in “Squid Game,” has an unspecified role in this series. Chief of Staff Seon-Moo is played by Rich Ting. Lee Su-Hyeok is played by Darren Keilan, who will next be featured in Brad Pitt’s action film “Bullet Train.” Nam-ra is played by Yi-Hyun Cho (“Byeonshin”), Lee Soo-hyuk is played by Park Solomon, On-jo is played by Ji-hu Park, and Chung-san is played by Chan-Young Yoon.

What’s the story behind All of Us Are Dead?

In September, the trailer for “All of Us Are Dead” debuted during Netflix’s first-ever Tudum worldwide fan event. According to Deadline, the series follows “a group of high school students who find themselves imprisoned in their school while a zombie virus spreads like wildfire.” When light bulbs start exploding in an abandoned hallway, the trailer opens with a girl strolling through it. Things gradually escalate with screams and people fleeing before the mood swings with a lone zombie on the loose who doesn’t look like the typical brain-eaters we’re used to seeing.

A number of men clad in matching grey costumes who don’t appear to be human arrive in the trailer, and they look to be organizing a coordinated attack on the unsuspecting pupils. Given the strange and unnaturally agile talents of the men in grey, the series could have a supernatural element. They don’t appear to be the nice guys, but trailers have a habit of deceiving viewers. The action isn’t limited to the school; as the trailer progresses, there are scenes of mayhem in the shape of a vehicle pursuit.

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