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Abbott Elementary Season 3 Episode 9 Recap: Is Janine Leaving School?


In the latest episode of “Abbott Elementary,” called Alex,  Melissa (Lisa Ann Walter) , Barbara, and Ava (Janelle James) talk about the differences between generations, which makes them laugh and think.  When Jacob finds out that his coworkers are using AI, it leads to a funny argument. Gregory (Tyler James Williams) and Janine (Quinta Brunson) deal with a student’s absence. they step in to help Alex, a student who is absent from school because his grandma has old-fashioned views.  one of the most curious questions Is Janine Leaving School? Lets find out..

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Abbott Elementary Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

At the start of the episode, Melissa and Barbara talk about how worried they are that kids are always looking at their phones. They think it’s making the kids less smart and less social. They talk about old hand games like Miss Mary Mack, but when they try to play new hand-clapping games, the songs make them think more about society and make fun of their generation.

Gregory is excited about the chance of getting a grant for the Garden Goofballs program, which would give it much-needed money. He tells the staff about his goals and hopes they will support him.  When Janine’s fellowship ends, the superintendent comes to her office to praise her work and tell her that he plans to offer her a full-time job in the district. The offer shocks and pleases Janine at the same time.

Jacob (Chris Perfetti) tells his students what will happen if they use AI to cheat on their homework. He says that he has a screener that can find work that was made by AI.  Barbara is known to have used AI to answer an email from Jacob, according to his screener. He talks to her about it because she being dishonest hurts him. It turns out that Melissa was also using AI to answer Jacob’s texts. Jacob is upset about what they did and wants to know why.

Janine tells the teachers at Abbott that she has chosen to take a full-time job with the district and will not be going back to work there. What the staff thinks about this news is mixed.  Ava is happy that Janine is leaving and quickly leaves to start the process of finding a new employee.

Meanwhile, Gregory is worried about Alex, a past student who hasn’t been to school much and could get in trouble for not going to school. Gregory wants to know why Alex hasn’t been going to school, so he calls Alex’s family. Alex’s grandma says that he doesn’t want to go to school without his old teacher, Miss Teagues, because he misses her. Gregory needs help with Alex’s problem and asks Janine to go with him to Alex’s house after school.

Melissa, Barbara (Sheryl Lee Ralph), and Ava try to explain why they used AI to answer Jacob’s emails, but in the end they say they’re sorry and will be honest with him in the future.  Ava meets possible teachers to replace Janine and uses questionable methods to decide which ones are best.

Gregory and Janine talk to Alex’s grandmother at his house. He finds out that Alex’s grandma, who is looking after him, is less strict about school and thinks that letting Alex stay home and watch TV is fine. When they talk to Alex, he tells them that he misses Miss Teagues and won’t go to school without her. Gregory finds out for the first time that Janine doesn’t plan to go back to Abbott during their talk with Alex. This makes him look very upset.

In a different story, Mr. Johnson (William Stanford Davis) approaches Jacob in the break room to respond to his cleaning newsletter with AI. They make up after Jacob says sorry. This is Ava introducing Mercedes as the new teacher she has picked to take Janine’s place. Gregory is clearly upset that Janine chose to take the job with the school district, and he is having a hard time accepting the news. In the end, Gregory and Janine can get Alex to go back to school. Janine seems to be having second thoughts about her new job because she asks for an extra day to finish the papers. At the end of the episode, Janine still doesn’t seem sure about her future, which makes it look like she might be thinking twice about her choice to leave Abbott.

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