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Abbott Elementary Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: Career Day Part 1


In Abbott Elementary Season 3 Episode 1, Janine (Quinta Brunson), is eager to make the return of Career Day a success, even though she is having personal problems. It looks like she and Gregory (played by Tyler James Williams) are having a problem. Ava (Janelle James) the new principal, is introduced. Her willingness to care about her job could have unintended results. Melissa, played by Lisa Ann Walter, doesn’t know how to deal with Gary, her boyfriend who works with vending machines, making more and more serious moves toward her.

Abbott Elementary Season 3 Episode 1 Recap

In the Season 3 premiere of Abbott Elementary, the new school year starts with changes and revelations that no one saw coming for the characters that viewers liked.

Janine, a beloved teacher at Abbott Elementary, tells her coworkers that she has a new job in the school district, which surprises them. In flashbacks, we see that Manny, who works for the school district, offered Janine a scholarship to help them make changes across the whole district. At first, Janine doesn’t want to leave her kids, but she ends up taking the job, which makes her coworkers, especially Gregory, feel mixed emotions.

Gregory, another teacher at Abbott, is having a hard time with Janine’s leaving and the feelings they still have for each other. A security camera recording from months ago shows a talk in which Janine tells Gregory she likes him, but he chooses to keep his distance out of respect. But when Gregory says he misses their friendship, they make up, and Janine tells him she understands why he made the choice he did.

During Career Day, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts pays a special visit to Melissa’s class. Hurts interacts with the kids and also helps Melissa’s boyfriend ask her to marry him. But Melissa decides to end her romance, even though the star power and romantic gesture are nice. Hurts, along with teammates Brandon Graham and Jason Kelce, steps in to make the situation funny and stress how important it is to respect people’s decisions.

After getting a degree in education, Ava, the school principal, tries to show her power by following strict rules. But her attempts make things worse for the staff and students, who are unhappy. In order to get Ava back to being herself, her coworkers use bribery, music, and other methods until they are able to get her to behave normally again.

Mr. Johnson’s Career Day talk to Jacob’s class also gives interesting details about his life, such as how he ended up in politics and how he comes from a multicultural background. As the characters deal with the problems that come with a new school year, they find times to laugh, make up, and grow as people.

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