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Abbott Elementary Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: Janine’s Return, Ava’s Fest & Questlove

In Abbott Elementary Season 3 Episode 10 called “ 2 Ava 2 Ava Fest,” the teachers at Abbott Elementary aren’t sure if Ava can pull off this year’s Open House, which she has named “Ava Fest.” At the same time, Quinta Brunson’s character Janine has to choose her job with the school system. She feels torn because she misses Abbott Elementary and it’s clear that the school does too. Find out what Janine will do and where her true heart lies in this episode. It looks at whether she will stay with the school district or go back to Abbott.

Abbott Elementary Season 3 Episode 10 Recap

The episode opens with Janine (Quinta Brunson) at a crossroads in her career. She has to make a big choice about her job. She has been given a full-time job after a successful fellowship. This is the next step that makes sense. But she can’t help but think about going back to Abbott, where she used to work. Janine feels like she wants to go back to her old job even though she is doing well at her current job and is excited about her future at the district. This inner struggle is compared to being let down by an outfit that doesn’t fit right, which brings up the theme of life’s surprises.

When Gregory goes to Janine’s school to turn in a grant request, it makes her problems stand out even more. Jacob, Melissa, Barbara (Sheryl Lee Ralph), and Mr. Johnson (William Stanford Davis), along with the rest of the Abbott team, give Janine gifts to show how much she has meant to them. Gregory gives her a pot of dirt from his yard as a sign of growth and being open to what might come next. This action and other things that remind Janine of Abbott make her question her choice.

Janine wears a deep green top throughout the show to represent her growth and new starts. Janine knows she has to make a decision when Gregory shows up dressed in brown clothes that look like dirt and gives her a plant pot. Janine chooses to go back to Abbott, even though the district is throwing her a party to welcome her and getting ready for her new job. The heartfelt note from Barbara and the signatures of her old children make her feel close to the school again.

Abbott Elementary Season 3 Episode 10: Ava Fest

Abbott Elementary s3e10 -Ava fest

At the same time, the school is very excited because Ava Fest, the school’s yearly party, is coming up. While getting ready for Ava Fest, Ava (Janelle James) is determined to make this year’s event the best one yet. Everything is under her control, from the entertainment to the decorating, to make sure everything is just right. Even though some of her coworkers aren’t sure, Ava is still sure that Questlove will show up, which will make everyone even more excited for the fair.

The rest of the team at Abbott Elementary is busy getting ready for Ava Fest as well. Mr. Johnson is in charge of trying the food. He’s not pleased, and everyone in the cafeteria freaks out.  Melissa, Jacob (Chris Perfetti), Barbara, and Gregory plan something else to do in case Questlove doesn’t show up. When the day of Ava Fest comes, the school is turned into a fun-filled wonderland, full of booths, games, and decorations. The fact that both parents and kids are excited to see Questlove perform makes the day even more exciting. As the Ava event starts, though, things get more tense when it becomes clear that Questlove is nowhere to be found. Parents say they are upset, and Ava’s coworkers start to question what she says about her relationship with the musician.

Even though things go wrong, the people at Abbott Elementary School work together to make the event work. Janine’s new job party at the district, which happened on the same night as the second annual Ava Fest, made her think about everything she would miss about being a teacher. It’s Janine who shows up at Ava Fest to tell everyone about her choice to go back to teaching at the school. The people she works with are thrilled to see her again and welcome her back with open arms. Not long after it looks like Ava Fest might not live up to expectations, Questlove shows up out of the blue, much to everyone’s joy. He goes on stage and plays music for a private dance party. It gets everyone up and moving.

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