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(Season Finale) Abbott Elementary Season 3 Episode 14 Recap: Janine and Gregory Finally Kiss Explained!


The long-awaited ending of Season 3 of ABBOTT ELEMENTARY is now here. It marks the end of a season that had some special problems because of the WGA strike last year. Even though these problems came up, the show’s ending had all the same charm and humor that fans love. The characters have changed a lot over the past year, and this episode shows how they’ve grown by mixing funny and sad moments in a way that only ABBOTT ELEMENTARY can.

Abbott Elementary Season 3 Episode 14 Recap: Party

At the beginning of the finale, the team at Abbott Elementary finishes up the school year. Principal Ava (Janelle James), who is always the outsider leader, tries to keep things in order at the kindergarten graduation, but parents can’t help but cheer for their kids in caps and gowns. In “Remember the Titans,” Jacob (Chris Perfetti), shows the movie to his students as a way to have fun. This adds a bit of nostalgia and sentimentality to the last day of school.

During the season, each character has dealt with and gotten through personal and business problems. Ava has put in a lot of work to become a real principal. Barbara (Sheryl Lee Ralph) has learned to put her own needs first, Melissa (Lisa Ann Walter) has stayed true to her beliefs, Janine (Quinta Brunson) came back to Abbott after working somewhere else, Jacob ended a relationship that wasn’t working out, and Gregory (Tyler James Williams) has done great as a full-time teacher.



In the season finale of ABBOTT ELEMENTARY, Janine threw an unforgettable party for her friends and colleagues. Her apartment is carefully organized into sections that fit the different personalities of her friends. This shows how she has changed from a persistent and controlling person to someone who anticipates others’ needs and lets things happen naturally.

Barbara and Melissa get there early and start cleaning up right away, which is part of their caring job. Ava shows up on time even though she was told the party starts an hour later than it does. Jacob and Avi, his new partner, show up with their favorite raspberry stout. At the party, there are a lot of different people: Mr. Morton, Mr. Johnson, Janine’s friend Erika, Jacob’s ex-boyfriend Zac, Simon and Emily, two coworkers from the district; and, much to Gregory’s dismay, Manny (Josh Segarra).



Over the course of the evening, Janine sets up Ava with Kwame and Erika with Simon. She also helps Jack and Zac get along again. Even though she tries to hide how she feels about Gregory, the events of the evening bring them closer together.

Janine’s well-thought-out plans start to fall apart as the night goes on. Mr. Johnson leaves his game of dominoes to be a guard and charges Olivia, Gregory’s ex-girlfriend, $20 to get in. The party gets out of hand when Emily takes over as DJ, Barbara and Melissa drink “brown liquor,” and Janine’s potential suitors skip her movie showing to watch “Wakanda Forever” with her.



The night’s high point is when a blown fuse turns off all the lights in the room. Gregory steps in to help Janine find a lighter, and their talk turns to something more personal. In the midst of this, Janine and Gregory (Tyler James Williams) shared a tender moment in her bedroom.  As they talk about how much they’ve grown and what they’ve accomplished.  they almost kiss, but the lights come back on. This moment makes me think that they might be able to connect with each other more deeply.

Mr. Johnson tells Janine wise things about how to live her life without worrying about what she might regret. Janine and Gregory flirtatiously look at each other for a long time during the party. Misunderstandings soon arose, with Gregory leaving the party under the mistaken belief that Janine and Manny were romantically involved.

Janine and Gregory Finally Kiss


However, a heartening pep talk from Mr. Johnson prompted Janine to pursue Gregory. Similarly, Gregory received encouraging advice from Jacob, leading both to realize their mutual feelings. As Janine reached her door, Gregory was already there, waiting for her.

Janine opens her door to find Gregory already there, telling her, “I fixed your light.” He smiles at the camera and then kisses Janine and lowers the window shade to hide himself. The rest of their story will be told in the next season. At the end of the ending, there is hope and excitement for what’s to come.

Tyler James Williams said, “There’s no going back from this moment,” to stress how important this moment was. The kiss changes everything for Janine and Gregory, and Season 4 will be all about their bond. Williams said that the kiss scene was carefully planned to make sure it stuck out. Greg’s look at the camera was his idea, and it made the moment more interesting.  We now know how Janine and Gregory feel about each other, so ABBOTT ELEMENTARY will explore their complicated relationship. The next season should have more touching scenes.

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