A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 20 Recap: Who killed Peter? Explained

A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 20

A Million Little Things finale episode was heartbreaking. It was an emotional rollercoaster on par with Space Mountain. Gary’s videotaped message to his future child, in which he mentioned that he might not be alive by the time the child was born. Meanwhile, owing to Theo, Katherine re-connects with Greta Strobe. Sophie Dixon tells Eddie Saville disturbing revelations regarding Peter Benoit’s death night. Here’s how we broke down Episode 20 of ABC’s A Million Little Things Season 4 Finale.

Is Maggie pregnant in the A Million Little Things finale?’

The final episode begins with good news for Maggie and Gary. Because of Maggie’s dream, they believe their single embryo could be the key to their reproductive journey. Maggie is craving ice cream and potato chips, while Gary is trying to discover who took their return line ticket.

Things take a turn for the worst when Maggie returns from the restroom with unpleasant news: she has her menstruation. Gary starts ranting at Dr. Anderson (Christopher J. Hanke) later at the fertility clinic. The doctor then informed them that the bleeding was normal and that she was indeed pregnant with their child!.

Did Anna murder Peter? Truth Revealed

Sophie shares the shocking news she learned in A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 19 with Eddie. The night Peter Benoit died, Kai (Liana Liberato) went to his house but found Anna (Erin Karpluk) walking through his front door. Eddie, on the other hand, tells Sophie that Anna came home with him that night so they could attend the autograph convention together the next day.

Later, at an AA meeting that Anna attends, the leader (Ron Robinson) explains that secrets lead to drinking. She’s ready to tell Eddie the truth when she returns to his flat. Anna went to Peter’s residence to confront him about the girls he had wronged. Anna pushed Peter when he apologized and attempted to hug her. She departed while Peter was still alive at the bottom of the steps after he slid down the stairs. On her way to tell Eddie the truth, she called the investigator. Anna is arrested by Detective Craig Saunders (Brian Markinson), who arrives at Eddie’s residence.

Tyrell makes the decision to attend Yale.

Regina (Christina Moses) speaks with Vali (Nicole Muoz) and discovers the true reason why Tyrell (Adam Swain) refuses to attend Yale University. Vali insists on staying for Regina and Rome, rather than for Vali. Tyrell is concerned about Rome’s sadness resurfacing when Regina confronts him about Yale. Tyrell, on the other hand, chooses Yale and thanks to the Howards for the opportunity.

Rome is proud of himself and his students for standing up for them.

A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 20

Rome (Romany Malco) tries to hand in his resignation to Dre Washington (Keith Robinson) at Sussex Prep, but he refuses. The Dean informs Rome that Maddox (Ash Spencer) will be withdrawn from Sussex Prep by Clark Ainsworth (Guest Star Sebastien Roberts). Rome rushes over to Clark’s house to persuade him not to expel their student from school. When he arrives, though, Rome discovers Maddox vanished.

Rome gives Clark an impassioned speech on accepting their child for who he is. Clark starts to pay attention and takes Rome to a nearby forest where he used to take Maddox when they were kids. Maddox can be found there. His father ultimately embraces him, and the two have a touching conversation while lying face to face on a fallen tree.

What happened to Katherine in the A Million Little Things finale?

In the Season 4 conclusion of A Million Little Things, Theo explains why Katherine is furious with his grandma, Joo Hee Kim (Susan Hanson). She’s scared she and Greta are too late. Katherine’s mother tried to convince Katherine that Greta and Katherine were just friends, but Theo revealed the situation. Katherine’s mother reunites Katherine and Greta. Theo and his grandma then proceeded to Greta Strobe’s (Cameron Esposito) tattoo studio. Greta and Katherine eventually speak up about how unhappy they are without one other. Greta is the only one Katerine wants, and the two enjoy a passionate kiss. Katherine asks Eddie to have supper with the family.

A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 20: Ending Explained

A Million Little Things - finale

Gary, on the other hand, had returned the camera that Rome had lent him before the doctor’s visit. After all, there’d be no need to document anything if there wasn’t a baby. And, while reviewing the camera’s memory ahead of Tyrell’s graduation ceremony, Rome discovered something he wasn’t supposed to see. That’s when Rome and Regina learn that Gary’s cancer has returned, and he has chosen not to inform his friends. Gary’s videotaped message to his future child, in which he mentioned that he might not be alive by the time the child was born. And it was at that point that the show revealed that, while the lump in Gary’s breast earlier this season was benign, a scan performed around the same time detected a tumor in his lung. So he’s been hiding his chemotherapy from his buddies ever since. Gary wasn’t sick from food poisoning when Maggie had her IVF appointment; he was sick from the chemo. The food poisoning in the penultimate episode was really a cover story because he doesn’t want them to treat him differently. A Million Little Things Season 4 concluded on a cliffhanger. Gary might not live to meet his and Maggie’s baby in season 5, according to the A Million Little Things Season 4 finale.

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