A Discovery of Witches has a Spinoff


Adelle Leonce, star of A Discovery of Witches, talks about a prospective Phoebe/Marcus spin-off.  Following the events of Deborah Harkness’ three original books, A Discovery of Witches is coming to a close after season three.

The showrunners are staying true to the source material, but the possibility of a spin-off is greater than ever, as Harkness did write a fourth book, Time’s Convert, that shifts the focus away from Matthew Clairemont (Matthew Goode) and Diana Bishop and toward Marcus and Phoebe (Teresa Palmer).

The fourth novel takes place in modern times, and it chronicles Phoebe’s metamorphosis into a vampire. Though Sky and the showrunners haven’t confirmed whether a spin-off will follow Harkness’ fourth book and continue the story of Phoebe and Marcus, it’s apparent that Leonce wouldn’t say no – and neither would viewers.

Adelle Leonce, who plays Phoebe in A Discovery of Witches, has discussed the prospect of a spin-off series with her love interest Marcus.

In an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, Leonce expressed her desire to do a spin-off with Marcus actor Edward Bluemel.

She said: “I love Ed Bluemel and we have an absolute hoot together. So, that anyway is really important because you’ve got to like the people you work with.” “Absolutely, of course, I would [do a spin-off]. You know, it is the final series. But if anything did happen, hey, call me.

“It’s an amazing show to be a part of – the fans are incredible. They’re so giving. I really appreciate that as an actor coming in halfway.” She also said that it was a “sad moment” on set when they realized that the show would be ending.

Bluemel told Good Housekeeping UK: “Of course, it would be so fun [to have a spin-off] – and an opportunity especially to see the characters of Marcus, Phoebe and Miriam [vampire lab colleague played by Aiysha Hart] develop – because there are big roles for them in Time’s Convert.”

“It would definitely be something that would pique my interest… but whether it will happen, who knows. We’re kept in the dark as actors. Or it could be a season four, it’s definitely an option, I’ll email the producers now,” he quipped.

A Discovery of Witches airs on Sky Max and NOW in the UK, returning on January 7. In the US, it premieres on January 8, airing on AMC+.  A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 2 will be on Sky Max on January 14, 2022,

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