93rd Oscars new date would April 25, 2021

93rd Oscars

The date of the 93rd Oscar should be February 28, however, because of the eccentric circumstance on the planet brought about by the coronavirus pandemic that intruded on the creation and different debuts in films, the date will no doubt be moved. The pioneers at the Academy should concur on a date on June 11, however, the gathering was moved to yesterday when it has concurred that the new date would not be until April 25, 2021! Appropriately, the cutoff times by which movies can begin appearing in films have been moved with the goal that they can enter the opposition for this honor.

One of the Academy’s presidents, David Rubin , explained the decision: “Over the centuries, films have played an important role in comforting us, inspiring us, entertaining us even in the worst of times. And this has been further confirmed this year. their projects without being punished for something for which absolutely no one had control.The new Oscars and the opening of the associated museum (which was due to open in December this year, but the opening was also postponed to April 30, 2021, op.a.) will be will be a new moment in history. “

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