911 Season 6 Episode 11 Recap: Is Buck dead after lightning strike?

At the end of episode 10 of 9-1-1 Season 6, firefighter Buck’s heart stopped after being struck by lightning when he was on top of the ladder truck. His loved ones are now waiting for him to wake up from his coma. In episode 6.11, Buck Buckley (Oliver Stark) was struck by lightning and is now in a critical but stable condition. While in a coma in the actual world, Evan ‘Buck’  is transported to a parallel universe. Cue the music from It’s a Wonderful Life as Buck fantasizes about a world in which he doesn’t spend his days rescuing people. How will Buck escape this unfamiliar world and return to the 118? (tvacute.com) Here is all you need to know about the conclusion of 9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 11, in case you missed any of the exciting moments.

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911 Season 6 Episode 11 Recap

“It’s a Wonderful Buck,” picked up just after the firefighter was struck by lightning and gave viewers a glimpse into Buck’s mind to show what the world would be like without him becoming a first responder. The team immediately took Buck to the hospital. His heart was beating again, yet he was still in danger, and Buck was stuck in a liminal space. At the threshold between existence and nonexistence. There was danger, but Buck didn’t know it. The pieces of the puzzle didn’t fit together until he was in a parallel universe. In this new location, he had his brother with him. A baby when his mother passed away. Only his brother survived, yet his presence improved the quality of life for everyone. They came home to pleased parents. Observing Maddie, I had the impression that she was happier. Only one item didn’t make sense. And it informed Buck that he was probably dead.

Maddie often thought about the possibility if their brother had survived. In light of the new information, however, it is clear that she would not have been happier. Buck’s guard went up because of Doug. Buck recalls saving his sister from her violent spouse. He didn’t want to make the same mistake twice by ignoring the indications of danger. Buck successfully separated Maddie from the rest of the group. Her sleeve was raised by him. A hand-shaped bruise indicated where Doug had grabbed her, and he witnessed it with his own eyes.

Buck was finally motivated to face this parallel reality after seeing his sister in such a state. He reasoned that he had to be in a coma in order to be dreaming, so he consulted Chimney to confirm his suspicions. To begin with, Chimney had considered him insane. Chimney had no idea who Buck was, and they weren’t even fellow firefighters. Buck, though, retained sufficient information about Chimney to relax his vigilance near his companion, the other Chimney. Buck could still recall the events that led to Chimney’s moniker. What about the others, he inquired. Unfortunately, in this parallel dimension, Bobby meets an untimely end. He passed away five years ago. He gave up on his sobriety and resumed drinking. The event occurred after the plane had already crashed. When Bobby died of alcohol poisoning, Buck and Hen had no idea he had started drinking again because they never checked on him after the crash.

To be Chimney, regardless of the timing, he enlisted Hen’s aid. Buck was the only one to catch her attention in this realm where Hen also felt he was crazy. Buck was exposed as too knowledgeable about the fire department to be a random bystander. Then he inquired as to the whereabouts of their mutual friend. His inquiry concerned Eddie. Without Buck’s introduction, Eddie would have never gotten together with Carla. Eventually, Eddie became known as “that furious dad” and lost custody of his son. Even if Buck didn’t know it at the time, becoming a firefighter was one of the best decisions he had made. They all had their lives spared by him. In this parallel universe, he worked as a professor. They can count on his assistance. His popularity among his pupils suggests he does a good job. He was never meant for that role. Contrary to becoming a fireman. In his pursuit of becoming a fireman, Buck spared no effort.

When he first applied for the position, he had to battle for it. His time for protecting himself had come. That was something that Buck understood. He understood that he had stopped breathing and that his body probably had as well. If Buck died in this parallel universe, he would also perish in the real life. Buck feared dying. He needed to get out of that hellhole. He yearned for reintegration into the ranks of the living. Only, there was a tiny piece of him that was reluctant to give up the love of his parents. When his sibling miraculously pulled through, he understood. They weren’t too lost in their sorrow to pay attention to him, so he didn’t have to put himself in harm’s way repeatedly to get their notice.

Once again, Buck experienced the full force of his parents’ unconditional love. In his coma vision, he saw Bobby’s ghost because he refused to let go of that. Bobby pointed out to him that he has not learned anything if he bases his self-worth on what other people think. The spirit of Bobby proved to be particularly cruel. He persisted in trying to coax Buck into admitting that he was responsible for saving Bobby’s life, and Buck finally gave in. And he achieved it just by being himself. With the 118, he was able to start a family. He talked his sister into leaving Doug, against her better judgment. Buck coerced his parents into taking a break from their sorrow long enough to meet him. He had to accept the fact that, while they did not love him in the manner they loved Daniel, they did love him.

Buck faced his deepest, darkest fears and his brightest, most cherished aspiration. All of this was done so that he would be constantly reminded of how many times he had to start again to become who he was today. In a nutshell, his name was Buck. Buck’s respiration became autonomous. In the real world, he finally came to. He was advised to rest for a few weeks, but he informed his physician that he wasn’t the laid-back sort. When the door opened, Buck was the first one to rush in. He wouldn’t be taking things easy this time. Since waking up, Buck has been more content than ever, even though his brush with death caused widespread panic. Even Chimney’s dad got an invite to extend his stay in LA from the son. Chimney verified that his father wasn’t shivering. He simply had an unhealthy amount of pride for his own good, but they can work on bringing that under control.

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