911 Season 5 Episode 18 Recap! Everything Explained!

911 Season 5 is over!  How and wher our charcters endup everything expalined here. Eddie (Ryan Guzman) is back at the 118 in the finale of the episode! Maddie intended to inform Chimney that she was ready to return to work. Hen and Karen arrive for the backyard celebration at the end of the episode. Bobby (Peter Krause) realizes he’s relapsed back into a dangerous drinking routine, and his problems are affecting his family. Buck (Oliver Stark) breaks up with Taylor (Megan West).

Is the relationship between Buck and Taylor completely over?

Buck’s (Oliver Stark) change in the episode was fascinating. When we first met him, he was this wild man who went from one lady to the next. After that, he met Abby (Connie Britton), who inspired him to be a better man. Buck and Taylor (Megan West) faced the painful truth about their relationship, eventually choosing to part before anyone gets hurt. Buck and Taylor had a serious chat about their future or lack thereof after spending most of the episode avoiding each other. She insisted that reporting on Jonah before the LAPD issued a statement was legal because she’s Taylor Kelly, damn it, and she’ll do whatever it takes to get the truth out. Buck disagreed, and they ended the relationship before anything else went wrong.

How Hen and Karen ‘Won’ Their Happily Ever After

Toni (Marsha Warfield), Hen’s (Aisha Hinds) mother, says over dinner that she is getting married and would want to have the ceremony in her daughter’s backyard. Karen (Tracie Thoms), Hen’s wife, was not as pleased as her husband and was taken aback by the request. As the story progresses, Karen admits that she isn’t as upset as she thought Toni was about Toni not attending her wedding to Hen. Toni did not support her daughter when she and Karen initially married since she did not approve of gay marriage. Hen and Karen arrive for the backyard celebration at the end of the episode, only to realize Toni isn’t the one who will go down the aisle. Toni, who not only attended but also officiated, helped Mom arrange for her daughter and daughter-in-law to reaffirm their vows in front of their loved ones. Even though Toni and her daughter have a wonderful connection now, it was revealed in the finale that she did not attend Hen and Karen’s wedding; Toni saw this as the perfect time to make amends.

What happened to Bobby When Eddie Visit in The finale 911?

It’s been a difficult year for Bobby since Harry was kidnapped. He has always been the one who takes everyone else’s weight on his shoulders. He is concerned for his loved ones and teammates. Bobby began his addiction journey after a back injury, therefore a roof fell on him and he came dangerously close to drinking again. But when he was about to step over the edge, a friend appeared and pulled him back.

In the finale episode, Bobby (Peter Krause) realizes he’s relapsed back into a dangerous drinking routine, and his problems are affecting his family. Bobby shatters a glass in his hand while busy in the kitchen after a long day at work, spilling blood all over the place. May (Corinne Massiah), the daughter of his wife Athena (Angela Bassett), enters the kitchen just as Bobby is attempting to clean up the mess, leaving her perplexed.  The relationship between Eddie and Bobby has always been leaning. Eddie made a surprise trip to Bobby and Athena’s house, where he made sure his captain knew it wasn’t his fault for letting Jonah into the 118. He reminds Bobby that many people overlooked the warning flags and that he is still a good man. When Eddie left, Bobby strolled over to the sink, where we saw he had purchased a bottle of vodka, which he promptly emptied down the drain. It was a beautiful moment. Eddie will never know how much an unexpected visit to Bobby in the finale meant to him.

Did reconcile Maddie and Chimney in the finale?

Maddie has always been someone who enjoys assisting others. She worked as a nurse for many years before becoming a dispatcher. Maddie and Chimney have effectively been on a will they won’t they status since returning to L.A. They took small steps toward forgiveness of each other and themselves since they’ve returned to L.A. but this finale provided fans hope for a reconciliation. Not only was Chimney the first person Maddie texted about her return to the call center, but their brief encounter at the close of the episode should not be overlooked. That moment where they end up running into one other at their favorite food truck, in the end, is merely a symbol that they’ll always find their way back to each other one way or another.

Is May Leave 911? Where Will her Journey lead to Next?

May started working at the phone center soon after high school, and she grew up quickly as a result of everything that happened in the world, not just at the call center. May made the decision to leave her work at the call center and enroll in college after considerable thought. We will see May and get a glimpse of college life. She will undoubtedly continue to play an essential role in the show. Reidel reminds TVLine, “and May is still a part of the family.” Now it has to see remain how she transitions to college because she’ll be a freshman surrounded by folks who haven’t spent two years dealing with life and death situations.

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