Young Rock Episode 2 Promo “On The Road Again” – Young Dwayne to impress the girl

Young Rock Episode 2 Promo

The Rock comedy series, ‘Young Rock’ series premiered on NBC on February 16, 2021, Which is produced by Nahanka Khan and Jeff Chiang. The first recap of what happened in the first episode is given below. Before that, we take a look at the promos and synopsis of the second episode of ‘Young Rock’

Young Rock ‘Season 1 Episode 2 is titled “On the Road Again”. In this episode, we pretend to be rich in young Dwayne to impress the popular girl. You can see the promo below.

Pennsylvania, 1987: Dwayne pretends he’s rich to impress popular girl Karen, but a date to Rocky’s wrestling match at the flea market risks exposing the truth. Stressed about money, Ata takes on a wealthy new client.

The new episode 2 of Young Rock is set to release on Tuesday, February 23, 2021, at 8 pm on NBC, which is 30 minutes.

When did you watch Young Rock’s Episode 2 on Peacock?

The episode will be available on Peacock within eight days of its release on NBC.

Young Rock Episode 1 Short Recap

In the first episode, we have a flashback to 1982 in Hawaii, the family doesn’t have much money and their family lives in motel rooms. Then we see Dwayne’s teenage years in 1987, where he shops a Woody Woodpecker leather jacket to impress girls. At age 15, he looks older than his father and has a “full mustache”. Dwayne is interested in Karen, the most popular girl in school. And he also spends all of $ 103 on it. Finally, we get this episode from 1990 onwards, where Dwayne is a football player playing for the University of Miami.

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