Yellowstone Star Kevin Costner has Launched a Road Travel APP ‘HearHere’

Road Travel APP HearHere

we bring good news for Yellowstone fans who also love to travel the west coast, Are you ready to listen to Start Kevin Costner. Who is curious about seeing out the window on a road trip?

Start Cevin Costner has learned about HearHere and he met Woody Sears through by his wife Christine Baumgartner who pitched him on this Project.

We’re launching HearHere with stories for California, Oregon, and Washington. Soon, we’ll canvas the US with more than 10,000 stories for you to enjoy. We hope you’ll consider spending time with our stories during your next journey. statement by Co-Founder HearHere Kevin Costner.

“HearHere” is now available for those of you planning road trips on the West Coast. Download it on your iPhone and allow me and HearHere to be your companion on your next road trip.

Founder and CEO, HearHere Woody Sears 

When my three kids were really little, it was a challenge to have them strapped into car seats for extended periods of time. When they got to be preschool age, we made it easier by using our narrated storybooks on iPads to keep them entertained. Now that they are elementary school kids, I really love the idea of being able to experience the new places we’re driving through as a family instead of the kids with their heads down on a device. HearHere™ is the perfect solution to that problem.

I had the good fortune to have a get-acquainted lunch with Woody, the co-founder of HearHere. Toward the end of our conversations, he asked if I ever had an idea that could be applicable to this new thing called the Internet. said, Bill Werlin Co-Founder HearHere 

“COVID-19’s Global Impact on the Travel Industry” indicates some specific advantages for HearHere™.

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