Yellowstone Season 4 Updates: New Cast Finn Little

Finn Little in Montana

Paramount Network has confirmed that the fourth season of Yellowstone will continue this February. Filming for Taylor Sheridan‘s Yellowstone season 4 started in mid-August. Speculating that it will appear like the previous season in June 2021.

Who is in Yellowstone season 4 Cast?

Oscar-winner Kevin Costner (Johan Dutton) is the main attraction of the cast in this drama series, also with Luke Grimes ( Kayce Dutton), Wes Bentley (Jamie Dutton), Kelsey Asbille, Brecken Merrill, and Kelly Reilly (Beth Dutton). Rumor has it that she was spotted on set.

Forry J. Smith, who plays the Lloyd Ranch veteran, shared lots of behind-the-scenes footage on the set with Jefferson White, Cole Hauser (Rip), Denim Richards (Colby), and Ian Boyen (Ryan). So it’s mean that they are also in Yellowstone season 4.

We Found one new cast member on set Montana —14-year boy, Finn Little. But yet, Network has not officially confirmed. We only just guess. Let’s Start how we know.

He also shared many photos of Montana. But we lock one of the images that he was posted on social media account with Yellowstone crew member Wade Allen, who was Workino’s stunt coordinator for Yellowstone Season 2 (9 episodes).

But yet, Network has not officially confirmed. We only just guess.


Rumor has it that Kelly Reilly was spotted on set, leading to speculation that Johan Dutton’s unrelated daughter might survive the explosion and return next season.

We have found some photos of 14-year-old Australian actor Finn Little with the cast of the fourth season, who is likely to join the Dutton family to play adopted son Beth, who reveals she can’t have children on the reservation after failed to abort.

But we best guess, Finn Little appears to be in Montana, followed by Kelly Reilly, which I highly doubt was just a fluke. It will be interesting to see where this character fits in, and whether Taylor Sheridan will revive the plot of Jamie’s alleged child that her former assistant and lover Christina revealed in season 2.

Who is Finn Little?

Finn Thorin Little is born on 9 June 2006 in Australia. He started his career at the age of five as an Australian child film and television actor. In 2017 he starred in The Storm. In 2018, The Little One had roles in the films Angel of Mine and 2067 as well as in the TV series Reckoning and Tidelands.

Finn Little also worked with Yellowstone’s Co-creator Taylor Sheridan. Movie name Those Who Wish Me Dead (2019).

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