Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 8 Recap of ‘‘No Kindness for the Coward’’

In Yellowstone season four episode eight, Jamie’s pity party is already underway. His slender chance of defeating John, Beth’s master plan to shut down the airport, and the major changes taking place at Kayce and Monica’s home. It begins with a flashback to John’s great grandmother Margaret Dutton (Faith Hill) cooking lunch to a young John Dutton (who will later become John Dutton Sr.) and his younger brother. Margaret insists on adding something to John’s prayer when he doesn’t include God watching over his father, James. Margaret reacts angrily when John jokes that he hopes his father hangs the horse thieves, and Margaret warns him that they never pray for someone to be hurt.

The flashback continues with a bloody horseback shootout. Despite being injured, James (Tim McGraw) wins the skirmish despite being shot on both sides of the gun battle. Before hanging one of the dead men from a tree, he pounds a sign into his chest that reads, “This is what happens to horse thieves here.” The single outlaw who manages to escape is tied to the same tree and told to warn others who are considering breaking the law that he is watching.

When Margaret opens the door, James is still bleeding profusely from his wound. He tries to stay outdoors so he doesn’t ruin the floor, but Margaret isn’t having it. The flashback finishes with Margaret crying, “No! No!” as James enters the house, closes the door, and a thump is heard.

Jamie (Wes Bentley) is enraged that his father is running for governor, but Garrett (Will Patton) is confident that Jamie will win. After all, Jamie is aware of the locations of all the bodies. Jamie should meet with John and set some ground rules for what can and can’t be utilized as campaign material, according to Garrett. Garrett also wants them to get ahead of the story by revealing that he is Jamie’s biological father.

Christina (Katherine Cunningham) thinks John is a complete moron for fleeing. New Montana locals and those who see him as a white, 60-year-old landowner — something they loathe – will not vote for him. Jamie feels John is motivated by power above all else, while Christina believes John has never run before because he knows he can’t win.

“He’s not running for governor; he’s running against you,” says the candidate. “As soon as you drop out, he’ll find someone to take your place,” Christina explains. She advises him to call his father’s bluff.

Beth (Kelly Reilly) tries to squeeze Rip’s five shirts into a little corner of the vast mansion. Now that they’ve moved into the lodge, Rip (Cole Hauser) appears to be a little lost, and she assures him that he’s the perfect man.

As demonstrators continue to struggle with local law enforcement, Market Equities executives assemble in a boardroom to watch the news. Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver), the CEO, refers to the action as an occupation rather than a protest and plans to contact the Governor and Attorney General. She also says the protestors should be charged today, but Beth advises them to wait. After all, if these protestors use social media to announce their arrest, it may inspire other protestors to picket their New York office, resulting in national media coverage.

They should kick the reporters off private land, Beth argues, and then they can take off the gloves and do what needs to be done. Caroline and Beth agree that removing the press will create its own story. However, this will divert attention away from the protestors. People moved to Montana to get away from bad news, Beth says, and this will soon go from their minds.

Beth offers to take care of removing the press on her own. When she gets to the building site, she demands at the reporters to leave. When confronted by a reporter, she argues that it’s private property and that having them in the area would be too dangerous. The woman identifies herself as Leslie, and Beth says she’ll phone her if anything noteworthy happens. Beth claims to be a concerned citizen, while Leslie questions her motives.

Jimmy (Jefferson White) appears to be fitting in at the 6666 Ranch and doing well. In episode seven, Jimmy found himself the center of attention from a young woman named Emily. She was very flirty, and Jimmy closed their brief talk by asking that they go out to supper. Emily (Kathryn Kelly) suggests they should go out to dinner after Jimmy washes up in this episode. They’re both beaming as she tells him she’ll meet him for their date in half an hour.

While Jimmy is still naked in the wash rack, she arrives a little early. (She advised him to shower at the ranch rather than travel home.) He hurriedly covers his privates while she continues to converse, giggling as she clarifies that she didn’t mean he should shower in the wash rack; there is a shower in the bunkhouse.

They meet for supper at a modest restaurant and reveal their secrets, including Jimmy’s stint in prison. After a pleasant evening, Jimmy admits that he is unfamiliar with the etiquette of dating a Texan. He leads her to the front door, unsure of what to do next. Emily teases him, suggesting that he consider what a cowboy might do.

They kiss, which seems to be the proper thing to do. They kiss one more and then make their way into her house, still kissing. On her couch, they take off their clothes to get to know each other better.

At the Yellowstone, night has fallen, and Rip approaches the formal dining table with trepidation, unsure of the seating arrangements. John (Kevin Costner) takes his seat at the head of the table, with Beth indicating a seat for Rip next to her, and John instantly giving Carter the seat to his side, opposite Beth.

Poor Rip is visibly uneasy and declines the salad because it contains fruit. Beth starts talking about the erogenous zones after some comments concerning John’s prostate health. Rip has questions, but John tells him that if he keeps pushing Beth for clarity, he’ll be adding fuel to the fire. Beth continues to talk about off-limits topics, such as sphincters while ignoring her father.

Carter is absolutely befuddled, and he wonders whether they’re still discussing the salad. John assures him that they aren’t, and then tells Rip about Beth’s plan to exact revenge at every mealtime. John admits he’s never figured out why Beth is seeking vengeance, and Carter advises him to simply ask.

Rip follows Beth out of the dining room after she’s through with them all. Carter wonders if he can still eat cake after supper while John scrapes his salad back into the bowl and grabs a steak. John says, “Hell, you can have some right now.”

Rip is alone and wants to know what “childhood nonsense” is. Beth is exercising at the dinner table. Beth lets loose and confesses that it’s the dining room, not the table, that bothers her since it conjures up a false image of a family that doesn’t exist. As Beth exclaims, “There’s an oyster spoon on the table,” Rip truly smiles. “Are we going to eat oysters?”

Rip provides a simple solution. She should eat in a separate room and at a separate table. He motions to a smaller table nearby and proposes they eat there. Beth is speechless for a time.

The next scenario demonstrates that Rip’s simple patch worked. John, Carter, Rip, and Beth are contentedly seated at the considerably smaller table, conversing normally.

John recounts his encounter with the largest snake he’s ever seen, revealing that it occurred when Rip was Carter’s age. When John portrays Rip racing up the wall like a spider to get away from the snake, they all laugh. Rip and Beth recall the family’s old heeler, and John claims that the dog and the snake fought. As Beth gently thanks Rip for resolving the food problem, he shows Carter a package containing the snake’s rattle.

“Life is difficult enough as it is. “You hear me?” Rip replies, “You don’t have to help it.” Carter inspects the rattle that John has given him as a present as they kiss.

Beth is relaxed and at ease enough to smile and giggle a little while sipping her wine.

Kayce (Luke Grimes) is sitting outside his new home at dusk when he notices a wolf. There aren’t supposed to be any in the region, and he’s urged not to shoot the wolf when he phones a buddy. If it gets too close to Kayce’s horses, he threatens to shoot it. It’s a test, he’s informed if the wolf follows the horses. Kayce will fail if he fires it.

When Tate orders Monica (Kelsey Asbille) to cover her eyes as he leaves the bathtub, she realizes he’s hit puberty. He seeks Monica for help with a stiff penis problem, and Monica advises him to speak with his father about it. Kayce says he never had a sex discussion with his father after she joins him on the porch and explains the scenario. Kayce believes Tate will figure it out on his own, and Monica should remember that Tate has spent his entire life watching animals have sex and give birth.

Kayce explains, “He knows everything he needs to know about sex.” “When he’s 16, I’ll sit him down and explain why he shouldn’t marry till he’s 16.”

Kayce is well aware that Tate will have sex before they marry, and she uses their story to explain what will happen to their son. It’s a lighthearted conversation, and their relationship wounds appear to have healed fully. Then there’s… Monica announces that she is expecting a child!

As their talk is interrupted by Tate wanting Kayce’s dog to sleep with him, Kayce’s smile brightens the porch. Kayce informs Tate that he is set to become a big brother after he notices his mother crying. “You’d better start putting money aside, dad.” Tate warns, “I don’t babysit for free.”

Summer (Piper Perabo) gets up in the middle of the night and walks away from her fellow demonstrators to use the restroom. She’s taken aback when she notices cops approaching the gathering with torches and shields. She warns Beth that the cops are on their way, and Beth tells her that it’s time to take one for the team.

The cops wake up the sleeping protestors, throwing several to the ground and arresting them. Summer is slapped across the face with a baton by one of the cops before being thrown into shackles.

Leslie reports on their arrests as the gathering of 300-ish is marched toward the waiting police vans the next morning. As they’re loaded into vans, camera crews shoot images.

At Market Equities, Caroline Warner and Ellis Steele are watching the news and wondering how the reporters knew to set up on the surrounding road. A protestor, according to Ellis, must have tipped them off. Summer Higgins, the leader of Free Earth, was charged with felony aggravated assault, according to the reporter.

Caroline is concerned that this storey may spread across the country, jeopardising Market Equities’ Montana projects.

Beth dials the New York Times as she inquires about her father’s plans for the day. She tells Brett from the New York Times about the protests and how federal authorities broke them up. She advises him to tune in to KNBS, claiming that there is the possibility for a big storey there.

“What you requested, daddy,” Beth says when John asks what she’s up to.

As she walks away to work, all he can do is smile and shake his head.

When Jamie phones and requests to meet at a neutral location, John and Rip are driving the cattle to market. John declines and invites him to come out to the ranch if he wants to meet.

They’ll drop off the bulls and then go chat with the sheriff, John says Rip. When Rip agrees, John expresses his gratitude for being the only person in his life who never questions why he wants to accomplish something. Rip is prepared to handle the situation without the involvement of the sheriff after John says he knows who shot him. John explains that the perpetrator is in prison, and that if he wasn’t, they would take care of it themselves. They’re meeting with the sheriff, according to John, to figure out how to shorten the man’s life.

When John and Rip arrive at the cafe for their rendezvous with Sheriff Haskell, Rip notices something is odd as they approach the entryway. The sign says closed, and the folks inside are staring at each other instead of eating. Rip and John turn around and return to the truck.

John and Rip pretend to depart the parking lot by getting inside the truck. They take John’s pistol and rifle from the truck, and he walks around back into the restaurant silently.

While other robbers are in the aisles, an armed robber is seated next to a customer inside. As John creeps through the kitchen with his rifle raised, the apparent commander demands wallets and jewels.

The robbers are startled, and guns fly, with John knocking out one armed robber and Rip grabbing another through the front window of the restaurant. Sheriff Donnie Haskell (Hugh Dillon) pulls out his gun and begins firing at the robbers.

All but one of the thieves are dead, and he’s taken a young woman as a shield. As they square off with the final robber, Rip joins John inside. Rip takes the shot after John instructs him to. Rip shoots the man in the foot. When John takes him out, he collapses to the floor and is about to return fire.

Sheriff Haskell is shot and dies just as John is assisting him in dialing his daughter’s number. John is obliged to break the news to her that her father has just been killed.

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