Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 6 Recap – Garrett admits that he attempted to murder the Duttons and will keep trying until he succeeds.

Yellowstone has always been a show with a strong plot. There were some intense moments in Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 6, Characters do have profound wounds that drive their behavior. has the full recap of tonight’s episode. Paramount Network’s Yellowstone season 4 episode 6 starts with, Jimmy (Jefferson White) being lost in thought in his small room at the 6666 Ranch when the episode begins. He’s summoned to the big home for breakfast, but he won’t be able to finish it before the start of the workday.

Meanwhile, Beth (Kelly Reilly) expresses concern for her father because he hasn’t returned her call. Rip (Cole Hauser) tells her that John is well, but she is skeptical. Rip agrees to take her for a ride (on a horse), but she refuses to say why. Beth won’t tell Rip what she’s up to because she wants him to spend the day thinking about her. “I already do that,” Rip chuckles.

Beth calls summer as a hooker

Summer (Piper Perabo) is in the kitchen as Beth goes out to check on her father. Both women refuse to introduce themselves, so Beth pulls out a knife and prepares to stab the intruder. Summer is under the impression that Beth is John’s wife. Summer is about to erupt when John (Kevin Costner) walks in and says, “Here’s a predicament I couldn’t have dreamed up in a month of Sundays.”

When Beth calls her out as a hooker — and not a good one – John introduces Beth but hasn’t yet introduced Summer. Both continue to grip their guns and make sarcastic remarks about the size of each other’s breasts. John insists Beth put down the knife and pretend Summer is a guest, frustrated that his morning has been wrecked. Summer’s plan to call an Uber is thwarted, so Beth asks John to bring her to town. Summer hugs him and gives him a one-sided kiss before leaving to get dressed. John believes he’s too old for all of this once she’s gone. He gives Beth a quick synopsis of how they met, and Beth thinks her father has gone insane. She, on the other hand, refuses to miss breakfast since she could use some distraction.

Summer is absolutely out of her element, and Beth welcomes the opportunity to get under her skin, so the meal is definitely worth staying for. Finally, John begs Gator to create something for Summer that isn’t made with meat or eggs. Summer adds gluten, and Beth adds no milk or butter to the list. The conversation deteriorates further, and Beth advises Summer to get treatment for chlamydia. Summer expresses her desire for Beth to find a decent therapist. “I hope you die of ass cancer,” Beth responds, always one to aggravate tense situations.

Kayce and Monica have a new Beginning

Kayce (Luke Grimes) and Monica (Kelsey Asbille) go house looking, and Kayce falls in love with one before even entering. He sees Tate playing with a stray dog and thinks that this will be their new house and that this will be their new dog.

Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 6
Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 6 Tate plays a new dog

When Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) summons Kayce to the reserve to investigate the theft of 18 racehorses, his tranquil day of house hunting comes to a sudden end. Kayce reminds him that he doesn’t have power in that area, but Thomas points out that the thieves’ route took them right into Forest Service territory.

Kayce chats with the horses’ owners and recognizes the attractive daughter as a former Yellowstone wrangler. He’s astounded when he sees Avery (Tanaya Beatty), a former wrangler who abruptly left the Yellowstone in Season 2. Monica’s jealousy boils as she notices how similar the two are.  Tate doesn’t help matters by agreeing with the woman that she has “one hot tamale.” Kayce and Monica take a break from the move-in process to unwind and relax. Monica says that she loves their new home while Tate plays with the dog he hasn’t named yet.

Garrett admits, he attempted to murder the Duttons

Jamie (Wes Bentley) is undecided about what to do, but he refuses to back down and confronts his biological father, Garrett (Will Patton). Jamie pulls out his gun and demands information about Gordon’s connection to Terrell Riggins while Gordon is eating breakfast. Garrett maintains he did it for Jamie rather than denying he was behind the hit on John, Beth, and Kayce. Jamie would have had whatever he wanted if they had perished.

Despite the fact that they are not blood relatives, Jamie claims that he would miss his brother. Garrett believes Jamie knows very little about Kayce and can only imagine how much he misses him. Garrett seemed to be on his way to Jamie, dismissing any criticism of his behavior and claiming that there is no such thing as right or wrong. “Those are words devised by males to terrify and shame other guys into returning what they’ve stolen,” Garrett explains. Garrett believes John has taken all of his children’s belongings, including Jamie’s. He merely wants to return what John took from them and give Jamie the family he never had. Garrett admits that he attempted to murder the Duttons and that he will continue to do so until he succeeds. Garrett takes his rifle and Jamie begins to cry. Jamie tears as they hug. (Jamie’s attempt to redeem himself was a colossal failure.)

Summer Walks with John

When John is returning to town with Summer, he notices a calf on the wrong side of the fence. By moving the herd, Rip and the boys become closer, and with Rip’s help, the calf is reunited with her mother. Summer is perplexed by the fact that both John and Rip enjoy this work. She decides to walk the rest of the way into town, indicating that she needs some alone time to process her emotions.

Summer admits she’s learned she can flag down one of John’s cowboys for assistance if she becomes fatigued on the lengthy walk. Summer responds, “I understand that much about you people.” “Well, then,” John responds, “you understand enough.”

Learning Time

Jimmy’s day comes to a close with the remark that he doesn’t ride well but doesn’t complain. He’s taught that the only tool a cowboy has is a rope. Jimmy grimaces in obvious discomfort as his boss walks away. When he returns to his small room, he discovers that dinner has been prepared for him. He eats his meal, then grabs a rope and heads outside to practice while the sunsets.

Carter (Finn Little) is also learning to rope at Yellowstone thanks to Lloyd’s coaching (Forrie J. Smith). Lloyd confesses he’s an outcast (at least for the time being), which is why he’s in the barn rather than the bunkhouse.

And while we’re on the subject of the bunkhouse… Walker (Ryan Bingham), Ryan (Ian Bohen), Colby (Denim Richards), and the rest of the boys – including Teeter (Jen Landon) – unwind while playing cards. Walker is easily persuaded to sing, and Mia listens as she packs her belongings away from the gathering. No one acknowledges Lloyd’s presence when he enters the bunkhouse. While Lloyd snatches Walker’s guitar and breaks it, Walker continues to sing and Laramie continues to deliver kisses. When Ryan chooses Walker’s side over his, Lloyd is enraged, but Walker is perfectly capable of standing up for himself. He singles out Lloyd, claiming that he is familiar with his personality type from prison. Lloyd, Walker feels, is just a bully until a greater bully appears. Lloyd has a nervous breakdown and stabs Walker in the chest, just above his heart. Some cowboys seize Lloyd, while others tend to Walker, as the bunkhouse devolves into anarchy. A call is placed to the veterinarian, but Walker prefers to see a professional doctor. As Mia walks away, Ryan says no to a doctor. “F**k this place,” she said as she walked away.

Rip and Beth Moments

The more things change, the more Rip and Beth fall in love. Rip and Beth are in bed on the ranch when Beth asks about going for a ride again. Rip acknowledges that she makes him uneasy and that he’d like to know what she’s up to. He believes she is on the lookout for something and is curious as to what it is. Beth responds, “The spot where you make me your wife.” She prefers a natural setting and does not want to marry in a barn or at a swimming hole. “I want a place where there are no memories – where nothing happens until we happen,” Beth admits. Rip rubs her hair, kisses her on the lips, and says he’s been there. He says he’ll drive her there the next day.

A truck pulls up in front of them, interrupting their peace. Rip goes out with a gun and discovers Ryan, who is accompanied by Lloyd. As the image flips to reveal an X-ray showing the knife an inch from Walker’s heart right below the clavicle, Rip inquires as to what Lloyd did.

The vet certifies that the knife did not puncture any arteries, and Walker is still conscious. Because the tissue is already stuck to the knife’s blade, the vet warns Walker that removing the knife will cause a lot of pain. Walker asks for Banamine to relieve his discomfort, but it’s not a medicine that’s usually prescribed to humans. Walker is unconcerned, and the veterinarian caves in because his patient are about to suffer excruciating pain and are lucky to be alive.

The veterinarian tries to remove the knife, but it appears to be lodged in a bone. Walker squirms in anguish and cries for it to be taken away. Laramie has had enough and grabs the handle and pulls it out before anyone can stop her. The wound bleeds profusely, as expected, and the vet quickly patches Walker up. Meanwhile, Lloyd is kneeling around 10 feet away from where John and Rip are meeting. John wonders what Rip would do if Walker stabbed someone, knowing full well that Rip would murder him.

Lloyd, on the other hand, has been granted a respite due to his 30 years of service. This is his last chance, John warns. Rip is told by John to remove all of the girls from the bunkhouse, including Teeter. Rip tries to persuade him that Teeter is a good ranch worker, but John has already made up his decision. Rip is also told to put Lloyd and Walker in the pen and make an example of whoever is left standing.

Now it’s Walker vs. Lloyd

A fresh day dawns and Rip gathers everyone in the bunkhouse, including Lloyd and Walker. He gives Laramie two envelopes, one for her and the other for Mia. Rip also gives one to Teeter before telling the ladies to leave. Teeter is perplexed because she hasn’t done anything wrong, but Rip’s options are limited. The rest of the group follows Rip to the ring, where Lloyd and Walker will battle. Walker proclaims that now that Laramie is gone, he has no reason to fight. Rip isn’t going to let him off the hook without a fight.

Walker starts the fight by purposely turning his back on Lloyd. Lloyd’s initial swing is a miss, and he takes a punch to the gut as a result of his efforts. Lloyd and Walker appear to be evenly matched for a while, given that Walker is healing from a knife wound to the chest. Both men are fatigued and on the ground after two minutes when Rip commands them to get up. If they refuse, he’ll join them in the pen.

Beth Confronts Jamie In Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 6

Beth is also in the middle of a brawl, but hers is more cerebral than physical. Jamie is surprised to learn that his 9:00 a.m. meeting with the head of Market Equities is with Beth, who is unaware of her new role. When Jamie asks whether she intends to wreck everything, Beth agrees. “Everything…you unhappy mother**ker,” Beth adds calmly, not raising her voice and starting a cigarette.

Lloyd and Rip exchange hugs

When John arrives to take in the action, Walker and Lloyd are bloodied and exhausted. Lloyd and Walker are punching each other while lying down because none of them has the stamina to stand up. Lloyd finally gets a hold of Walker and lands a series of blows to the face, as John speaks the obvious, telling Rip that these two men don’t get along. Rip claims Walker has been done for an hour, but Lloyd refuses to let up.

Since Lloyd is Rip’s friend, John enters the pen and removes his jacket and hat, muttering to Rip that he’ll finish it. Before John makes a move, Rip warns, “Sir, they’ll detest you for doing it.” Rip refuses to let John complete the task at hand and enters the enclosure in his stead.  Lloyd and Rip exchange hugs and Rip tells Lloyd that he loves him. He then takes a step back and slams him in the face repeatedly. He follows up with a gut punch and a stomp on his hand, telling Lloyd it’s for his own safety. After Rip has left the pen, Lloyd assists Walker in getting up. Both men come to a halt in front of John, assuring him that the job is done. Rip exposes the emotional toll of humiliating his pal when he is alone. Carter has been compelled to observe everything, and it has had a significant impact on him. He says, pointing to Rip’s retreating back.

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