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Yellowjackets Season 1 Episode 8

In the last Yellowjackets episode 7,  This week, Yellowjackets returns with a new chapter that explains more about what happened in the woods during the previous flashbacks. The red river visions and the wolf attack finally come to the fore in this chapter, leaving Tai at the front of this nightmare in the middle of the river. Because of the wolf attack that killed her lover, she must feel very bad about this. As soon as the truth about Shauna’s betrayal is finally told, it comes out. To discover more about the dancer’s dramedy series, Yellowjackets eps- 7, read the recap below from, which will help you understand the episode better. What can we expect from the 8th episode? We’ll have to move on in order to see this. The seventh episode, titled “Flight of the Bumblebee” promises to be more interesting.   You can find photos for Yellowjackets Episode 7 as well as a summary here.

Yellowjackets Episode 9 Release Date

Yellowjackets Episode 8 Recap

Yellowjackets Episode 8 Spoilers

In “Flight of the Bumblebee”,‘ It’s possible that Laura Lee thinks she can fly the plane they’ve found. Coach Scott is sure to be against this idea, but he will be ignored. However, when Lottie was baptized, she saw Laura Lee with burn marks. It’s possible that Lottie thinks that Laura Lee will die in a fire while flying the plane, so she will try to stop her friend. This happens in 2021 when her health gets worse. . Shauna might find glitter on Jeff’s clothes, which would make her think that he might be the person who blackmailed her. There are four prominent survivors who didn’t get a postcard from Jeff.

Yellowjackets Episode 8 Synopsis: What is madness and what is divine? While in triage after a vicious attack, the Yellowjackets are left to suss out the best of their worst ideas. Shauna dabbles in some light cyberstalking.

Yellowjackets Season 1 Episode 8 Photos

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Yellowjackets Episode 8 Release Date

Yellowjackets Episode 8 will release on December 2, 2022. It premiered on Showtime a week early, and fans are already enthralled. Yellowjackets air new episodes on Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT, after Dexter: New Blood. Yellowjackets will have a total of ten episodes in its first season. Available on Fubotv | Amazon Prime | Roku | Direct tv

How many episodes will there be in Yellowjackets?

Yellowjackets Season 1 is a ten-episode series, thus there are two more episodes following this one. Yellowjackets has been renewed for a second season, so don’t expect the story to end anytime soon. Expect the story to continue to unfold, along with intriguing twists and turns!

Yellowjackets Episode 7 Recap

Taissa begins Yellowjackets Episode 7 by washing her hands thoroughly. She also wraps her wrist after a terrible cut. She glances over and sees an irritated Nat ordering her to hurry up. Taissa appears around the same time as Shauna. They have the tracker but cannot hide it. The tiny 50k in this enormous bag is lacking, so they decide to fill it with odd objects, including an empty crisp packet. Nat chooses to go first, informing the others to meet her a few blocks away. After donating the bag, the group gathers and drinks together. It’s all set to go until Nat blows their cover and corners the truck driver. The real culprit snatches the bag from the back while dashing through a retail store.

Nat sees red and considers killing him as he drives away. The others stop her, but she wasn’t trying to murder him. Nat is more open about her feelings than the others following this. She’s eager to remind the others that she wears her emotions on her sleeve. Shauna and Tai have their own issues, and as Nat puts it, “they’re just better at hiding it.” Misty confronts Jessica in the cellar. She removes her gag and alleges Jessica murdered Travis and is blackmailing and stalking them all. She chuckles and confesses the truth. Tai hired her to keep a watch on the other survivors. She wanted to make sure no one else ruined her campaign by spilling the beans about their wilderness experience. Jessica also confirms Travis’s death… But she won’t say how she knows unless Misty lets her go. She even proposes they join forces. Unfortunately, Misty is a psychopath who is trying to torture the reporter into speaking. That’s a relief. Jessica finally reveals Travis’ bank account was locked immediately after his death. This means someone else emptied his account. Inferring his murderer’s wealth, she deduces Back in the bush, the party regroups to plan their next move. Taissa will not wait for winter and food shortages; she will hunt for civilisation.

Jackie allows her to take a flare gun instead of the gun. Tai trims her hair and gets a fresh haircut just before she travels. Van chooses to accompany her. She feels obligated to save them, calling Tai their “fearless leader”. Travis is likewise inspired by Tai’s daring decision, though he is persuaded to stay by Nat. When Travis and Nat are alone, he has problems “performing”. The whole sexually heated interaction falls flat as he becomes uncomfortable and frightened. Travis finally leaves, apologising timidly. Just before the party leaves, Lottie tells Van about her nightmares. She’s seen red smoke and a blood river. Lottie finally hugs her and wishes her well. Last-minute Misty (who awkwardly offers coach a big embrace), Mari, Akilah, Tai, and Van make up the final group. The wolf howls that night prophesied the future. They’ve appeared in Tai’s present-day flashbacks. Tai’s gang indeed cross the red river, as Lottie predicted. Worse, their compass begins to spiral. Van is unsure, believing the woods don’t want them to leave. Tai, impatient, says they should follow the sun instead, reminding them they’re losing daylight and must go forward. Wolves assault the camp that night. A wolf has decimated Van, as Tai watches in graphic detail. Her lover is carried into the woods. She uses the flare rifle to beat the wolf to a bloody pulp. Van, meantime, is dead, her face gnarled clean off. With the group split, Jackie confronts Shauna about her secrets. She thinks her best friend is hiding something, and Shauna finally admits she’s pregnant. But she lies, blaming Randy. That incident happened the night of Mari’s birthday. But there’s a catch. That night, Jackie returned to drive Randy home, forcing her to mistrust the whole narrative. Shauna hides her journal, but Jackie finds it later that night. She can’t hide her emotions as she reads about Shauna’s horrible truth in the woods.

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