Work in Progress Episode 4 – “161, 153, 137, 122, 106, 104, 102 We’re Still Counting Almonds

Work in Progress Episode- 4

Showtime’s comedy-drama Work in Progress next new episode 4 __  coming out Sunday, December 29 at 10:52 PM ET/PT .its titled “161, 153, 137, 122, 106, 104, 102 (We’re Still Counting Almonds.)” Check out details for upcoming episodes.


Abby navigates public restrooms as a gender non-conforming queer dyke with OCD and pinballs against a cross-section of humanity and perspectives at a Dolly Parton concert.


Abby uses the restroom at a restaurant and a woman gives her a dirty look, the “you shouldn’t be in here” look that she often gets. She vents to her sister about it and then they discuss their dad’s upcoming nuptials.