Word Party Presents: Math! Release Date and Trailer

When can I watch “Word Party Presents Math” on Netflix? Is Word Party Presents Math going to be a hit? Who is among the cast of the film? Where can I find a trailer and more information? We’ve compiled all we (tvacute.com) know about the new Netflix series thus far in this piece.

In this educational series from the Jim Henson Company, beloved characters from “Word Party” master math skills together.

Word Party Presents: Math! is a math-themed spinoff. On December 28, 2021, it will be available on Netflix. On December 1, 2021, a trailer for the spinoff was released on the Netflix Jr channel.

What is the purpose of Word Party Presents Math?

With baby animals, count numbers, compare shapes and look for patterns. Franny, Bailey, Kip, Lulu, and Tilly solve difficulties by using math and singing songs.

Starring: Victor Yerrid, John Tartaglia, Donna Kimball

Creators: Alex Rockwell

Watch Word Party Presents Math! Trailer

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